How Well Do You Pay Attention?


Being careful and detail oriented are the secret pathways to success! But how well do you pay attention to details? Are you careful enough? There is only one way to find out! 

Take the test and see the result!

1. Let’s start. Can you spot the Oscar trophy among these robots?

It took me less than 10 seconds.
It took me almost 30 seconds to see the trophy.
I spent more than a minute.
There is no Oscar trophy in this image.

2. There is one dog hidden in a crowd of cows. Can you find it?

I found it immediately.
It took me 20 seconds to find it.
I’m blind right now, but found it.
There is nothing other than cows in this image.

3. There is one animal hidden in this image. Or maybe not. Look carefully! 😀

Hey you, OWL!
It took me 30 seconds-1 minute to see the animal.
I spent minutes and finally saw it.
There may be plenty of animals in this picture, but I don’t see any.

4. How many smiling faces do you see among these coffee beans?

5. Can you find the panda hidden among these owls?

I immediately found it.
It took me less than 30 minutes to find it.
I tired a little but finally found it.
There is no panda in this image.

6. Can you find the potato hiding among these hamsters?

I didn’t give too much effort to find it.
It took me less than a minute to find it.
I found a corn instead, does that count?
I don’t see any potatoes here.

7. How many differences can you find between these two visuals?

8. We had to ask a Pokémon one. Can you find Togepi?

It was so easy, I found it immediately.
Took me 15-20 seconds.
It took me a minute to find it.
Misty took Togepi I suppose. Can’t find it here.

9. There is a panda hidden in this image, or maybe not!

I see it, it’s right there.
Took me 15 seconds. This one was easy.
I spent some time to see it.
I can’t see any pandas here.

10. Last one is the hardest one. There is a fish hidden in this image. Can you find it?

It didn’t take me long to see it.
I spent minutes to see it.
My eyes got tired, but I finally found it.
There’s no fish here, don’t mess with me editor.

Bonus: What do you see in this image?

Black & white horizontal lines.
Black & white lines with some grey lines in between.
This is like an illusion.

You’re one of the most careful people in the world!

No one can stop you when you want to focus on something. You can focus all your energy into just one thing; which makes you the best whatever you’re doing. You’re also good at multitasking. Shortly, there’s nothing like ‘lack of attention’ in your world.

Attention is your middle name!

You can focus your attention when there is only one thing you’ll work on. But you usually struggle when you need to focus on more than one thing. Still, you’re very good at being careful and you don’t get lost in detail; which is a great feature!

You’re pretty distracted!

It seems like you’re having difficulty focusing your attention. Multitasking is a real struggle for you, you get completely lost. Little hope of attention comes to the play while you start to get lost in details. We can’t really call you as ‘lack of attention’; but it’s clear that you’re not careful also.

Attention? Wtf is that?

You don’t have the definition of the word ‘attention. You’re very distracted and having difficulties finding the details. Multitasking is one of your biggest nightmares. You miss one job while dealing with the other one. It should hard to live like that. Wishing you the best luck!

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