How Much Of A Love Person Are You?


As the sweet joy of Valentine’s Day is upon us all, Onedio is proud to present this brand new test to you. We bet you will be sending it to your valentine, WhatsApp group, Facebook group or even people over Lync? Let’s see how romantic, how much of a lover you really are! 😎

1. Let’s start with your favorite color, go!

2. And if we were to ask how many relationships you had?

3. Are you the dumper or the one being dumped?

4. How long was your longest relationship?

5. Change of topics. Which country your heart goes for the most?

South Korea
My own country!

6. Which of these qualities you look for the most in your partner?

7. Which GIF sums up your relationships?

8. Lastly, which gift would make you happiest on Valentine’s Day?

An expensive one
DIY gift
A box full of books!
Tickets to my favorite band
Not sure, something symbolic would do
No need for gifts, call for pizza and put a movie on!

You’re FULL of LOVE!

Love is what you live for. You can’t do without it, you constantly need it and feel unhappy without love. You feel imprisoned, tortured. But when you find love, all the butterflies in your stomach come to life, you are full of joy, like a little kid and raise the spirits of others around you. You are loyal to your partner and when you love someone, you love them for good. You don’t enjoy a thing without him/her. It makes you crazy even doing little things with your partner! Love is tailored for you!

The Master! Well, almost…

You literally wrote the greatest book on love. All your ex partners, still think of you one way or another, regardless of the people they are with. You make such deep impacts on them but your main problem is sustainability. You love for a short time but you love fully. However, you get out of this pink haze quickly. This is why you are not the perfect lover. But we still give you the benefit of the doubt because you may never found real response to your deep deep love. Solid effort indeed! 8/10

Not without it, not with it either

Your whole understanding of love and being loved has its ups and downs. You either never find what you truly seek or you do find it but mess it up so badly. You do want love, that’s certain but when it comes to living that relationship, you get a blue screen of death. Surprisingly enough, all the advice you give others about love life works so well! Oh the gigantic irony here…Lastly, we want you to know that love is not sitting down and waiting for ‘that’ person to come. It’s more about being out there, chasing, going around in circles.

Are you allergic to love?

Love is a distant thing to you. You don’t want commitments (ugh, typical) and you certainly don’t want to be held up by someone. You had so many relationships but they were more flings instead of true love. This is why you never had a proper relationship and always jumped from one to another. In the end, you met lots of new people, new lives, you have a better understanding of things which will help you in your future life. It won’t go like this forever, mark our words. You will meet that one person who will amaze the shit out of you and change you from the core. Because you can’t run away from love!

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