How Indecisive Are You?


You know what they say; any decision is better than no decision at all. Is indecisiveness really that bad though? We don’t think so. Take the test to find out how indecisive you really are.

1. How do you decide what to wear each day?

I can never decide.
I usually wear the second thing I try on.
I always know what I’m wearing a day ahead.
I try every item I have and pick the best one.

2. You cracked your phone’s screen and you need to change it. How long will it take you to buy a new phone?

After 1-2 days of research.
I will immediately go and buy one.
Let me enjoy phoneless life :)

3. Pizza or hamburger?

How much time do we have to answer this?

4. Your partner’s birthday is coming up. When are you going to buy his/her gift?

Last day.
I can’t do it on my own, let me ask help from my friends.
I know what I’m getting a whole month ahead.
It will take me 1-2 days if I start looking now.

5. You have a short vacation plan with your friends for the weekend. How big is your luggage?

I want the biggest one, I’ll take 6 pairs of shoes for my 2 days vacation.
A backpack is enough.
Just one small suitcase.
A middle-sized suitcase.

6. Last question. You got onto a music streaming website and want to listen to a nice song. How would you pick?

Suggestions list is always the best choice.
I would go into my history and pick one from there.
I will start singing the song before turning the computer on.
There was a song in my head today, what was it??

You’re the most indecisive person on earth!

You can never decide what you want. Your personal relationships, school and work life, all the same indecisiveness. You miss all your options while trying to decide. You should already know that you have to get rid of this feature, as soon as possible. Or you’re not sure about what to do. We’re not surprised :))

You’re pretty indecisive!

It’s the hardest thing to decide when you’re not 100% sure. The reason why is that you’re afraid to make mistakes. You don’t even take a single step without thinking about it. Chill, you don’t need to think this much, life isn’t hard as you think. Good luck!

You're usually decisive!

You usually know what you want and have enhanced empathic abilities. Deciding is not a hard process for you. You remain indecisive for just certain kinds of situations and we think that it’s because of your obsessed personality. You’ll be fine once you’re over with your obsessions.

Decisive = you!

You’re super quick when making decisions. Crisis management is the thing you’re very good at. Your senses are pretty enhanced; it’s always easy for you to distinguish between good and bad. That’s why people always ask for your advice. You prove your difference everywhere, there’s nothing much to say about it. Keep it up!

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