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This is an example of what I learned about marriage and sexuality in history today. We have lived in such a weird world that it's really unbelievable. Just when you think the rituels today are odd and it can't get any worse, you see something somewhere, from old history books that prove you wrong. Who knows, maybe 1000 years later people will look back to today and wonder how we lived like this.

In Ancient Greek Civilization, people used some blends to enhance sexual performance. It was believed that applying a mixture of ground pepper and honey to the penis delayed ejaculation.

There is even a similar description: 'Burn the deer horn and crush the ashes, then add the wine and turn the ashes into clay. Apply this mixture on your penis and testicles, your wife will be very pleased.'

Again, according to the Greeks, an Indian herb (the name is not known) provides a very strong erection when it's applied to the penis. 'Woohoo! Erection 12 times in one night,' the Greeks say, 'The same weed does 70 erection to us,' say the Indians.

In ancient Rome, male prostitution was accepted in society. In Athens,  taxes of women and men prostitutes were very important for the city. This indicates that the incident was not only accepted but also regulated by the state. In addition, the vast majority of male prostitutes' customers were still male. Although male prostitution was legal, the prostitutes were deprived of some basic rights. For example, they could neither work nor serve in the judicial system, they had no right to speak in the councils, and they were condemned from many social activities. For all these reasons, most of the male prostitutes were from outside Athens or slaves.

In some ancient Roman cities, God Priapus's sculpture was in the gardens of the houses exposing his erected penis. The purpose was to keep people who were passing by from sinning. How?? It was believed that they would be punished with sexual punishment. There are still some poems from those days, such as 'if a woman or a man or a child committed a sin against me, the woman will be punished from her cunt, the man from his mouth, the child from his/her hump'. 

In fact, there's a term called Priapism, which is a condition in which a penis remains erect for hours in the absence of stimulation or after stimulation has ended.

Every woman in the ancient Babylon must perform a holy sexual performance task in the holy place, at least once in their life to the goddess Mylitta (Aphrodite). In fact, according to the famous historian Heredot, a woman goes to a holy place and is forbidden to return home. After showing a sexual performance with a stranger then has to give the money she gets from doing this service to the goddess, and then she can return home. According to Herodotus, beautiful and attractive women can quickly accomplish these sacred tasks, while ugly and unattractive women cannot leave the sacred area for months and even years.

In Ancient India, a widow's troubles begin as soon as her husband dies. She has to jump on the burning woods of her husband's body and burn herself alive. Or she has to lie down next to him and burn together.

William Ward, a British missionary, tells a similar story that he witnessed when he visited India in the 19th century. A 16-year-old widow agrees to be burned next to her husband's dead body. Ward mentioned that they couldn't convince the daughter's mother and the leaders of the ceremony. The girl who was burned was still alive even when she turned completely black. However, her relatives left her like that and left the ceremony area.

I guess everybody knows that there is polygamy in the Jewish faith. Moreover, pre-marriage virginity was very important in Ancient Israel. If a woman was not virgin when she got married she got the risk of being punished by stoning. If found guilty, stoning, if found innocent, the husband had to give some money and take whip punishment.

According to Heredot, there was a women's market in old Babylon. So the young ladies who wanted to get married were lined next to each other and the young men who were checking them out had to join the auction to marry the woman they chose. The beautiful ones probably easily found partners, but ugly ones probably had a lot of trouble.

You're a really cruel world! You have no justice! Ugly ones always lose.