Here’s The World’s Pinkest House In England That’s Taking The Internet By Storm!


A mansion guest house in Essex is almost completely pink and people can’t wait to stay there!

Owners and best friends James Lloyd-Roberts, 45, a firefighter and photographer, and Amy Griffith, 37, an artist, have spent the last four years lovingly crafting this property into their magical vision. The place looks like a Barbie dream house, and it’s taking the Internet by storm!

Do you enjoy planning pretend vacations so you can see what's available on Airbnb?

Well, some people do. How about planning a vacation in this f*cking CASTLE, for example? Will it ever happen? Probably not, but it's free to dream.

Anyway, if you ever decide to look for a house in England, this house would be one of the houses you’ll see on Airbnb. Here it is, the eighth wonder of the world: Eaton Studio House.

The house is in Essex, England, and can sleep up to 16 people for $2,585 a night. "The house is extremely large and an art piece that is constantly evolving," the listing says. "We are adding to it all the time."

Now, maybe you're thinking, "A pink house? Come on, give me something to CHEW ON." Well lucky for you, the interior of the house DELIVERS. For instance, here's the entryway that greets you the second you walk through the Pepto-pink door.

And look at this all-pink bedroom!

Here's the super chill breakfast nook.

The place has even a firefighter bar!

Those really are pictures of firefighters on the wall.

The Sleeping Beauty guest room.

A glimpse at the gold glitter walls could soften even the coldest of hearts...

And when the rooms start to feel a little over the top, you can throw back a nice cold one in the saloon bar.

A Kitten guest room.

How amazing is that?!?!

And we actually think the backyard view of the house is STUNNING. Sue us!

We know some of you just literally vomitted on yourself while reading this, but we LOVED it.

So go be cool somewhere else.

Just kidding. Because pink is cool af too!

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