Here’s The Newest Trend That’s Taking Over Instagram: Bambi Style!


There’s a new posing trend that top Instagram accounts seem to be perpetuating lately. Instagram feeds everywhere have recently been overrun by a pose that has been coined by Cosmopolitan as the “Bambi pose.” Here's what it looks like.

1. These days our Instagram feeds are just a series of baby deer in repose.. Like this.

2. Or this.

3. Bella Hadid did it too.

4. The pose in question involves crouching, thighs over calves, with your knees and the balls of your feet typically resting on the ground...

5. See how the original Bambi does it?

6. One of the key elements of this pose is that the back is usually poker-straight.

7. Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Wood was one of the famous Instagrammers who joined the trend.

8. Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson in Bambi pose.

9. So far, Bella Hadid, Jordyn Woods, bikini competitor Courtney Tailor, Same Swim creative director Shea Marie, model Ashley Moore, stylist Bridget Bahl, and Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa, have been spotted doing it.

10. Thanks to these trends, we now know how to look sexier in our photos.

11. Let's remember: sit with your thighs over your calves, like a baby deer. See? You did it.

12. Some people have also pointed out that Kellyanne Conway's infamous Oval Office photo — in which she is sitting with her legs tucked under her on the couch — looks an awful lot like the Bambi pose.

Maybe she was the trendsetter. WHO KNOWS? 

Source: Elle

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