Get Ready To Freak Out! Did You Know That Vampires Still Exist?


If you think that vampires are imaginary beings that are subjects of tales and TV series, think again, because there are still people who actually drink human blood!

There are 5,000 vampires alone in the US.

These people think that they have a health problem causing them to drink blood. They formed a community called Sanguinarius.

This name comes from Latin and means 'the one who drinks blood.'

How do they find human blood to drink? Do they kill people? The answer is 'no' to the last question, and there are 'Black Swans' who donate blood for the cause. These donors say that they donate their blood for the sake of their love for the vampires or they simply want to help.

Now, the idea of drinking human blood is very disturbing and a taboo, but this was not the case before.

During the 1500's and 1600's drinking human blood was used to treat epilepsy, headache and numerous other diseases. Priests, nobility and even doctors practiced drinking human blood. It was thought to provide youthful energy and slowed down aging. These practices were thrown away after modern medicine improved.

A lot of modern vampires claim that they have to drink blood in order to stay healthy.

They also add that there is no violence during the act of drinking blood and the whole procedure is sterile. Journalists who have done research on this subject also verify this.

When the vampires do not drink human blood, they allegedly feel tired, weak, and exhausted.

They even get hospitalized when there is a lack of blood to drink and they get treated after they drink their partners' blood, and get discharged. This is really a weird phenomenon. Is it real or is it just a placebo effect?

Krystian from England, was diagnosed with a genetic mutation two years ago.

His body has problems producing the HEM proteins because of this mutation. According to him, this disappears when he drinks human blood. His depression, amnesia, nausea, headache, insomnia, and dizziness go away. He drinks 125 ml of human blood every day, a coke can hold up to 330 ml of fluid.

Some vampires think that this phenomenon is completely psychological.

Despite the fact that they are not physically addicted to human blood, they think it makes them peaceful and relaxed. This phenomenon is called the Renfield's Syndrome where the patient is obsessed with drinking human blood.

There are many groups that bring vampires and donors together.

Some vampires drink their relatives' blood, some drink blood donated by strangers. People who meet via online channels like Vampdonorhub, drink animal blood when they cannot find human blood. This is the last resort for vampires because they do not like to drink animal blood, claiming the taste is heavier although it goes well with wine, coffee, and home cooked meals.

We wonder why these donors accept to donate their blood for others to drink...

Donors claim they simply want to help others, whereas vampires are closely related to BDSM fetishes. Donors also say they observe treatment and happiness in vampires' faces and become happy.

It is also important to mention that these vampires are disturbed by how the media portray them.

Vampires are generally portrayed as murdering night owls. They say that they are regular people who happen to like human blood just a little bit.

Despite the unrealistic images, there are real vampires living among us. And thinking about the awkward things happening all around, this does not astonish us as much as it is supposed to.

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