Forget Venice! 16 Most Beautiful Canal Cities Of The World Are Here For You!


Ok Venice is magnificent, historical and charming we know that already. However, there are many other fascinating cities filled with waterways that create absolutely stunning views. Check them out and compare with Venice! Let the battle commence!

1. Hamburg, Germany

2. Alappuzha, India

3. Bruges, Belgium

4. Giethoorn, Netherlands

5. Suzhou, China

6. Tigre, Argentina

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

8. Bangkok, Thailand

9. El Gouna, Egypt

10. St. Petersburg, Russia

11. Annecy, France

12. Birmingham, England

13. Cape Coral, Florida

14. Copenhagen, Denmark

15. Hội An, Vietnam

16. Nan Madol, Micronesia

17. Stockholm, Sweden

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