Find Your Secret Psychological Gem And Put It To Good Use!


Psychology says that human life is a concept that's compressed within certain norms and patterns. 

Also psychologically, the skills you have will help you share the pleasure you get from life. 

This test will show you what psychological skill you are using in your relationships and in order to succeed in this battleground called life!

Let's start with dreams, the guides for our subconscious. What do you usually see in your dreams?

Places I used to live.
Nothing that makes sense.
Running away from something or someone.
A bad memory from my past.

Psychology of the sub-conscious.

These are some of the following statements that are used for behavioral analyses:

  • When making decisions, I listen to my brain, not my heart. 

  • My mind is like a strong gate, I am not easily influenced by other ideas. 

  • My regrets have a huge impact on my life. 

  • I can't trust people easily, I am wary. 

  • I am attentive to people's actions and behavior more than their words. 

  • I am more interested than the main highlights of a subject, rather than details.

How many of these statements do you agree with?

We'd like you to complete this sentence!

.. they don't feel responsible for their daily relationships.
.. they don't carry the weight of their mistakes.
.. they will soon forget the loneliness of their past.
.. they don't live in the deep, dark well of the 'past.'

.The courtroom

The sound of the judge's hammer, constant talking of the cunning lawyers, the silence just before the final decision... There are only a few movie scenes that can be more dramatic than the one of a court hearing. In the tension of a battleground where minds are challenged, the fine line between truth and lies gets blurred and in the chaos, law, and justice disappears.

Here's the question: You're acting in a movie that takes place in the courtroom. Which role would you play?

The Witness
The Accused

The Ship of Theseus: A Paradox

In ancient mythology, King Theseus went to many wars with his ship and left in victory from all of them. After leaving Crete with a victory, his ship was stored for a very long time as a memorial in Athens. After many decades, the ship got old and needed renovations. First, its steering wheel was dismantled, then its anchor, and then all the pieces that made the ship, all which were replaced by new pieces. Meanwhile, all the pieces were reused after they were dismantled, to make another ship. This became a philosophical paradox: Which of the two was the ship that Theseus won his victories? Which one is actually new?

Which ship do you think was the one Theseus used for wars?

It doesn't matter; both of them are Theseus' ship.
The ship that was renovated.
The ship that is created from the old pieces.

Which of the following are you good at reading about people?

Their thoughts.
Their past.
Their emotions.
Their future.

What is truth?

Something that claws on your heart, it is pain.
A moment of error.
A subjective term for every individual.
To see oneself in the mirror.

"Which came first: the chicken or the egg?"

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? This question has baffled people since Ancient Greece and continues to be among the most popular questions.

Which do you think came first: the chicken or the egg?

The chicken comes before the egg.
The egg comes before the chicken.

Let's end the test with a calming question. Which of the following colors does this flowing image remind you?

The human mind is your expertise!

You know by heart that empathy is much more than "walking in someone else's shoes." It's more complicated; you are aware that practicing empathy requires a skill for stimulating not only other people's feelings but also their thoughts. You can instantly recognize how much someone knows about a subject, what they feel about it and their experiences on it, by the ways they talk, as you are able to use limited data to correctly assume a larger picture. You didn't just suddenly gain this skill, though. Having empathy means that you were once broken. People who are hurt by those who lack empathy improve theirs in order to create a better world, and become sensitive and gentle in their words, and behavior. You were wounded but found your own healing by making your relationships blossom.

You are a sociopath obsessed with the truth!

You seek out what's true in human relationships. The concept of truth; what is right and what is wrong is always changing, and it is a subjective concept created by the people involved in it. That's why you use truth as the basis of any relationship, and always chase it however it is shaped by your counterparts. However, you are often misunderstood, possibly because you expect everyone to feel the same way about your pursuit. But you are still determined, and will never give up. What is a pursuit without its challenges? Never forget: In a world where right and wrong are blended, truth is merely a moment of error.

You are a quality, self-made human being!

Isn't it scary to rely on yourself and working by yourself to become the person you are? Many people avoid having to do this, as they don't believe in themselves, or are scared of loneliness. People are afraid to die alone and be burned out by their self-efforts. But you have long known that being a self-made person means true freedom. You don't need anybody to live freely, and that feels great. And if anyone attempts to tell you what to do or think, you are ready to shut them down.

How do you feel?
Tears of Joy
Relieved Face
Clapping Hands
Thumbs Down

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