Doing Everything Right Is Wrong. Let's Do Everything Wrong!

> Doing Everything Right Is Wrong. Let's Do Everything Wrong!

It'll sound wrong when you say it the first time, but  sometimes you have to go in the opposite direction to reach your goals.

For instance, they say that to be creative you have think outside the box, you have to cross your limits. But that's not the fact. The most successful way to broaden our way of thinking is to limit your brain.  Let's take a look at some implications to prove our point.

Though it may sound strange at first, by using limited sources, you fuel up your creativity to find solutions.

For example William Shakespeare used 14 lines of verse for his sonnets to limit himself. Let's take a closer look at it:

Throughout history, the rich and the powerful have tried to protect and give space to the artists so they could have a free working environment.

But in fact, artists didn't create their most famous and grand pieces in comfort, they created them at times when they were in the deepest trouble.

Contrary to popular belief, problems help creativity.

It's a mistake to think that artists will be more productive if they solely focus on their art and no other problem.

Where these general opinions and practices are wrong is not just for creativity.

For instance, most managers don't like hearing about problems, so the junior administrative officers try to hide the problems and act the way their superiors would want.

However, problems are like gold mines.

A lot of new and creative ideas come out of problems.

Contrary to popular belief, problems show us the potential of how far we can go.

Contrary to popular belief, problems show us the potential of how far we can go.

A person/manager who knows what to do should be happy instead of trying to avoid it when he/she comes across a problem.

The same thing goes with disapproval

The same thing goes with disapproval

Nobody would want to work with people who are always disapproving of them. One of the greatest managers, Alfred Sloan, who was the legendary manager of General Motors, had his secret in giving importance to disapprovals. He listened to oppositions and, even if they were ridiculous, thought they were of vital importance.

He always had people around who constantly opposed him and who constantly had the opposite idea and thought that opposing someone is nothing personal, and he injected the virtue of opposing to the company's culture, thus became a success.

''To save money, you have to spend it'' This quote may have its oppositions, but..

Most companies think that by lowering expenditures and spending the minimum amount of money, they save money. But the way to lower expenditures is to develop projects that will ensure operational efficiency and invest the necessary money to actually run these projects.

Most of us think that success brings happiness, and so we work hard for it.

But scientifically, it shows that no matter how successful we are, our happiness rate doesn't change. The reality is exactly the opposite; being happy brings success.

The funny thing is, while we should be happy about this, we are usually disappointed.

The reason for this is that most people find it harder to be happy than successful.

Most people try to be more qualified and improve their negative sides.

Most people try to be more qualified and improve their negative sides.

But by doing the opposite, that is, instead of trying to improve your negative sides, trying to make your positive sides better is a lot more helpful.

By improving where you fall behind you might become average, but believe that this mediocre qualification will not push you further. It's enough that your weak sides don't let you down.

As you can see, general opinions or opinions that seem reasonable at first are not always right.

In this gallery, we gave examples of things of different subjects that you could do the opposite way and have results. Because it's not possible for anyone to know everything.

Let's remember Mark Twain's quote:

Let's remember Mark Twain's quote:

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

The fast change in the world changes the right things as well. Many things that we thought were right yesterday are already wrong.

Our only way out is to be open minded and be open to learning.

No matter where it comes from or however wrong it may seem, let's not forget that being open to every kind of opinion and listening is our only way out.