Do You Know The Dirtiest Spot On Your Body Where Bacterias Party All Night?


Personal hygiene, as you know, is highly important in terms of preventing diseases. What part of your body is most vulnerable to microbes and bacteria, which makes us vulnerable to diseases? You might have some ideas of what that part of the body is but we can tell you surely that it's not what you think it is. After reading this, you'll never look at your body the same way.

There are a lot of points that are relatively filthy on our body.

For example, our armpits are one of the best examples of this. Our armpits, which get the dirtiest due to perspiration and cause bad smells, are one of the most suitable environments for bacteria growth. But even this place, that can lose its hygiene very quickly, remains fairly clean compared to another part of our body: the belly button!

Our belly button is the nastiest spot on our skin with thousands of different microorganisms of different species.

The reason for this is we forget to clean this part of our body for the most part. The belly button, which is the most accumulating point for dead fibers, soils, soap and fibers found in our clothes, because of its shape, provides a very favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms. Studies show that more than 2000 bacteria and germs are trapped inside our belly button.

This can lead to a bad smell, infections, and other health problems in the long run.

Professor Rob Dunn and his team at North Carolina State University, studying the microbial content in the belly button of sixty people, stated that this point of the body is almost like a rainforest for microorganisms.

According to the results, there are 2,368 bacteria species, 1,458 of which were first observed in this study, in our belly buttons.

Dunn finds these results quite interesting, and as an ecologist, he creates an analogy between our belly buttons and rainforests. The professor continues his work on the topic and is experimenting with a number of subjects that will soon reach 600 people. The team is sure that they will find many types of bacteria that science has never been able to find at the end of the experiment.

Moreover, what the experiment could find is not limited with these.

One of the crazy aims of the researchers is to identify the types of bacteria that are found in people's belly buttons and use these species belonging to different parts of the world to determine where the people were born and visited. Another idea is that by analyzing bacterial species, people can have an idea about the structure of their immune system.

The work may also contribute to the treatment of various diseases.

Because detection of these bacterial and microbial species can positively affect the treatment of immune system diseases, acne, and various fungal infections.

So what can we do to keep this area clean?

One of the most suitable materials for cleaning the belly button is salt water. For this reason, it is useful to swim or to clear this area with salt water from time to time in order to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. Another cleaner that can be used for this job is rubbing alcohol. You can clean your belly button by dropping a couple drops of alcohol on cotton whenever you want.

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