Do You Believe In These 10 Surprising Superstitions From Around The World?


Superstitions... Some people believe in them and the proof about them being true; some don't believe in them, but act carefully because they were engraved in their memories in childhood. We gathered 10 common superstitions people believe in from all around the world in this list, even though they don't have a realistic explanation.

1. Walking under the ladder

For centuries, people believed in the bad luck of walking under a ladder. This superstition goes way back to the Middle Ages, when people thought ladders looked like the gallows. Back then, people believed if they walked under the ladder, they would come across gallows too, meaning they would be executed. This superstition, which now is believed to be a bad luck sign, is still common..

2. Carrots are good for eyes

The superstition our moms love the most and use a lot actually was originated in World War 2. English pilots who used radars to kill their enemies told people their eyesight was really good because of eating many carrots, instead of telling that they were using radars. This information is wrong, but made us eat sooo many carrots..

3. Owls

Owls, which are seen as the symbol of wisdom in the west and used widely in accessories, are also believed to bring bad luck in Egypt. It is told that if you see an owl or hear an owl, you should be ready for misfortunes coming your way..

4. Scissors

There is more than one superstition about scissors. For example, it is bad luck to drop scissors in some countries, and it is believed to be a sign of someone you love dying soon.  In some other cultures, if you gift somebody scissors, you gift them future misfortunes. Another more common superstition is that scissors bring you bad luck if you open and close them without using them.

5. Turning the fan off before sleeping

One of the most interesting superstitions was invented by Koreans. Mostly North Koreans believe that if you leave the fan on and go to sleep like that, you can die from suffocation. If you sweat at night, don't go to Korea...

6. 12 grapes

It is obvious that this superstition was made up by somebody who has obsession problems. According to Spanish people, if you eat 12 grapes in the first minutes of the new year, your year will be awesome.

7. Chewing gum at night

Some old Turkish people believe that if you chew gum at night, the gum can turn into dead human meat. We don't know the mentality behind it is, but it may have originated to scare kids from going to bed with gum at night and face the risk of suffocation. If you are okay with cannibalism, you can continue to chew at night.

8. Walking into the cemetery

Another interesting superstition belongs to the Japanese.. Japanese people make a fist with the thumb inside when they walk in a cemetery. This is believed to keep the bad luck away and stop your loved ones from dying early...

9. The devil

The Portuguese believe that if you walk backwards, the devil will notice you and come your way. If you go to Portugal, watch your steps!

10. Walking under a rainbow

There are so many superstitions about rainbows. I guess human kind is afraid of what they can't explain. The superstition, which was originated in Armenia, states that if you walk under a rainbow, your sex will change. If you are a woman, you will become a man. If you are a man, you will become a woman. It would be cool to play with, walking back and forth.

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