Do Cat Owners Cheat More In Their Relationships?


Are you a cat person? If your answer is yes, we have bad news for you. People say that cats are ungrateful and dogs are loyal. The reality might be a little different. It turns out those characteristics are more related to their owners, not the animals. Research reported on Elite Daily shows that dog owners are loyal and cat owners are, well more disloyal.


A sad day for cat lovers! It turns out owners of these fluff balls are more likely to cheat.

In a statistical study carried out by Illicit Encounters, out of 700 unfaithful people, 25% own cats. 

Oh by the way, 11% own a bunny and 16% own a fish.

You heard it right! Being a cat person triples your chance of cheating.

This survey may cause a fight between cat and dog owners.

Please go easy on the comments... 😉

Speaker Christian Grant stated that he expected cats to be more loyal.

"Often lazy, they’ve been known to drift to whomever is offering them more food, so it’s of little surprise to see that lack of loyalty reflected in our study."

Well now, go easy on the cats..

Dogs are known to the man's best friend.

Their loyalty is unquestionable.

On the contrary, cats are known as more selfish and unfaithful.

As a cat lover, I strongly disagree.

They say that owners match the characteristics of their pets.

Then are cat owners smarter?

To sum up, make sure the kitty doesn't lick another hand. 😏

Stated the research.

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