Divorce Aftermath: Angelina Jolie Is Moving Out To "Hidden Hills"!


Sadly, Brangelina is over. After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to get a divorce, Jolie found her new house in a neighborhood that is so exclusive only the richest and the most famous can live in it . Angelina is going to be neighbors with so many celebrities we know. Let's take a closer look at Hidden Hills...

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Jolie moved to one of the most privileged neighborhoods in the world.


The neighborhood is kept so confidential that you can not even find a street view for it on Google Maps.

The monthly rent for the 41-year-old actress is $30,000.


The house is around 8,000 sq ft (745 meters) big.


It has 2 pools facing the beach, a decorative waterfall, and an 800 sq ft (75 meters) beach cabana, also a wine tasting room.

The reason celebrities prefer Hidden Hills so much is due to its privacy.


Jolie's reason is also pretty obvious after the headlines about her divorce.

Hidden Hills takes pride in not having any sidewalks.


Residents enjoy a rural lifestyle.

Jolie's house is less than 1 mile (2 kilometers) away from Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West's mansion.


Kourtney Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick owns this house in Hidden Hills.


Another neighbor of Jolie's is Drake.


He lives in this $ 7.7 million house.

Jennifer Lopez also lives in the neighborhood.


The picture shows the gated community's natural and rustic equestrian trails.

Hidden Hills residents enjoy a "rural, country way of life" as stated on their website.


Above is LeAnn Rimes' house.

After the divorce decision, Jolie is planning on moving to Hidden Hills with her 6 children.

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