Digital Fairytale: Couple Meets On Twitter And Four Years Later The Story Comes To A Wonderful End!


If you think meeting on Twitter and getting married is only a story out of one of those indie movies, you’re in for a surprise! This couple says, "Twitter is such a big part of our love story because, without it, we just wouldn't have found each other." Here are the details.


This is Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia, a couple from Atlanta.

They met back in 2013 after striking up a conversation on Twitter.

Here's how that conversation started!

Tweets turned into DMs, DMs turned into texts, and texts turned into meetings. Anuj and Sumita have been together ever since.

The virtual way they met became a big part of their relationship, so much so that when Anuj proposed, he created a “Twitter scavenger hunt” for his bride-to-be.

Her friends and sister gave her clues that led her through different parts of the city that were special to them, and eventually led to him.

And keeping up with the theme of their love story, the lovebirds tied the knot with a gorgeous Twitter-themed wedding.

Their wedding took place in Atlanta, and it had the works. From Twitter-themed welcome cards...

To blue cocktails and bird-shaped desserts.

There were little hints of Twitter in the seating arrangements.

Even the hotel key cards had the couple wearing the little blue bird on their t-shirts.

Dalmia was told that her guests really loved how personal everything was at the wedding.

"We wanted everything they touched to have a thought behind it," she said.

"Twitter is such a big part of our love story because without it, we just wouldn't have found each other. The likelihood of our paths crossing was so minimal. We strongly feel that it was meant to be that Anuj posted about having an extra ticket when I was looking for one extra ticket," Dalmia said.
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