Couple Transforms Old School Bus Into A Dream Mobile Home


After 3 years of dating, filmmaker Felix and musician Mogli decided to leave their hometown Berlin. What makes them unique is that instead of relocating to a new city or travelling to different countries, they found an old school bus and turned it into their tiny dream house for their crazy road trip around the USA. We found their story on Elite Daily.. Here is everything you need to know about them..


Another reason of their decision was that their dog Rudi wasn’t able to walk up the stairs of their apartment in Berlin because of his hip problems.

So the couple did some research and found an old school bus in Pennsylvania for $10,000.

So they came to the states and started the renovation process.

Rudi is now living an adventurous life with his family.

The renovation process took them about three months, but Felix thinks it was worth all the time and money.

The bus now looks like it came straight out of an interior design magazine 😍

This mobile home has everything you need for an epic road trip.

It has a kitchen, bathroom and a TV. It’s pretty specious, since it used to hold up to 72 passengers.

And of course, they have a damn cozy bedroom in the back.

Makes me want to sleep all day.

Their journey started out in Alaska, and they want to continue all the way to Panama.

Here is their Facebook page if you want to see more of their adventures!

Expedition Happiness | Facebook

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