Chinese Government Approves The Existence Of Aliens!


Up to this day, we have witnessed what some governmental organizations, former army members, and retired astronauts indicate as the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Recent contributions on the subject were done by the Chinese government and the official statements are really interesting!

1. The most significant statement amongst these is without a doubt Paul Hellyer's statement. Paul is a former employee in the Canadian Ministry of Defense.

Hellyer stated that USA and Canada accepts the extraterrestrials as a reality and added that at least 4 different types of alien species have been visiting the Earth.

2. The statements about the existence of aliens is not limited to that.

Up to this day, many governmental organizations such as the CIA, FBI, US Navy, and NASA partly approved the existence of aliens in various statements.

3. Recently, an NGO called 'Citizen Hearing' approved the existence of aliens.

Shi-Li Sun, who is a well-respected researcher and the President of World Chinese UFO Federation, took a bold step and approved the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

4. What is more, Sun claims that the visits of extraterrestrial beings have a longer history than it is assumed.

Sun states that Earth has been visited by aliens for thousands of years. He even claims that aliens played a role in constructing Chinese culture and civilization.

5. Sun states that aliens were a significant influence to the development of humankind.

Sun believes for a fact that aliens have shaped human civilization and helped to form society as we know it. Sun's research on the subject indicates that aliens will be visiting Earth soon as the humankind's current situation needs an external intervention.

6. Sun believes that the traditional Chinese mythical creature Dragon surely refers to aliens!

In Chinese tradition people consider themselves to be descend from dragons. It is believed that Dragons come from outer space. We can say that we are the children of dragons and extraterrestrials at the same time. There should be a message here that ancient people would like to convey to us...

7. The most important part of the statement goes like this:

The research on the subject is done for decades and all of the researches have reached to the conclusion that aliens do exist. To sum up, we believe the existence of extraterrestrial beings, UFOs and aliens...

8. Here's the full version of that striking statement:

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