Check Out These Tips Before You Spend Your Whole Salary On Furniture


We get hearts in our eyes when we look at tastefully decorated homes. And we mostly think that those people have lots of money and that explains their cool homes. However, that doesn't have to be the case. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your place delightfully cool. With these 17 tips, you can turn your home into your dream home!

1. Dried flowers can easily bring some spring air to your stuff!

You can use the flowers falling down from your pots in summer and stick them to your trays or coffee table and end up with an authentic piece of furniture. Both easy and cheap!

2. Did you know you could make end and coffee tables with vases?

We buy tons of vases and use only one or two. But now you can make use of your unused vases! You can put a couple of them on each other and add a huge plate to a new table. Your guests will keep on asking you where you got it!

3. Winter is coming! Time for blankets!

Those huge blankets cost loads of money, but if you are a crafty one, you can get two gigantic knitting needles and some yarn and make something for your couch.

4. The carpets which get stains all the time can be annoying, but they can also be masterpieces if you paint them!

Light colored carpets are impulse buys, because when they get their first stain, they just look old. However, you can get some fabric dye and get creative and turn it into a designer carpet! You will also have taken a measure against future stains!

5. It is very easy to turn your home into an art gallery.

Print out a watercolor painting and hang it on glass (just like they do in art galleries). Your guests will turn green with jealousy!

6. Tiny details are the key part of making your home beautiful.

Even small pots will change the ambiance. You can also paint your regular pots and adorn them by sticking small pieces on them!

7. These triangles, which are normally a music instrument, can also be quite useful.

They can give an authentic ambiance to your home and make you happy with the sounds they make if hung around a window or in the balcony. You just need thin pipes to make this. You can hang the pipes using nylon thread.

8. You don't have to change the cases of your lace pillows!

If you need some change, just do some batik dyeing magic!

9. Another way you can get away with not changing your lace pillows is pompoms.

You can buy mini pompoms and stick them on your pillow case!

10. A small knitting corner can warm up the place even with its appearance only.

The attention to the detail you see in cool homes are quite attractive. You don't have to spend lots of money on these small details. All you have to do is organize a couple of yarns and knitting needles in a concept!

11. Don't you agree that wickerwork is quite authentic?

Working with wicker is not as difficult as you think. You can use patterns available online and make a rug!

12. You can even start your own botanical garden!

OK, calm down. We don't mean it literally. You can put some soil and plants in small jars and make them a part of your decoration.

13. Those old chests can make a great coffee table table!

If you decide to restore your old chests all you need to buy is some sand paper and some varnish. You should then sandpaper the chests and mount them together and varnish them! Way to save lots of money!

14. Kitchenware should also be revisited!

You can upgrade those by painting them with nail polish or spray paint. You will love serving this much more sophisticated dinnerware!

15. Why don't you get some wooden beads? They are so beautiful!

Wooden beads can both complete your combinations and make your home prettier. You can put them on a nylon thread and add them to your decorations!

16. You can do so much more with ladders!

You can put a wooden ladder or one that is made with thin pipes in your kitchen and hang your towels on it!

17. Your candle holders can also be a cake stand!

You can create a unique cake stand by adhering a plate on a candle holder using silicon!

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