Cancer Patient Couple Commits Suicide After Leaving Behind A Dramatic Note!


72 year old Altan Cetin and 70 year old committed suicide together when they were on their last holiday...They were married for almost 50 years and left behind a very saddening note.

Here's the story behind their suicide:

1. Ülker and Altan Cetin was married for almost 50 years.

The couple decided to go on a holiday to a small town called Cesme, located in the western part of Turkey. Unfortunately, the couple were both suffering from cancer. When the room service got into their room, the only thing they found were two envelopes.

2. In one of these envelopes there was a suicide note. This note was extremely kind and determined at the same time, which not surprising considering they are retired teachers.

To the hotel management,

We are unable to save ourselves from the effects of being old and sick. For that reason, we've chosen to leave without being dependent to anyone in our lives. We are terribly sorry for leaving your hotel in a situation such as this one. Please distribute the money attached in the other envelope to your staff. We would kindly request you to donate the other personal belongings to the ones in need.

Ülker Cetin, Altan Cetin

3. "We choose to leave without breaking anyone's hearts or depending on anyone..."

Legal Authorities,

We are ending our lives without being under the influence or intervention of anyone. We would like to donate our organs to the 9 Eylül University's research hospital. Please help us on that matter. We have lived a happy life together. We choose to leave without breaking anyone's hearts or depending on anyone.

Ülker Cetin, Altan Cetin

(Besides these two notes, there was 500 dollars cash in one of these envelopes.)

4. Some claim that Altan Cetin's final post on Facebook was hinting at the couple's decision for committing suicide.

After 50 years of a successful and happy marriage, it is now the time to leave with dignity. We love you all. Good bye.

5. The camera records of the hotel showed the couple walking towards the sea holding hands. The couple walked into the sea where they committed suicide.

Coast guards searched for the couple with the hope that they are still alive.


The couple sent a message over Whatsapp to their son who lives abroad. The message saying that :

"We have sold our stuff and car. We donated everything we have to the ones in need. There isn't any memory left from us. We are leaving now. Goodbye."

The message of their son was really heartbreaking:

"You both are sick, just like my grandmother. As if you didn't screw me up enough alive, now you are going to screw me over once more by committing suicide. I hate you both!"

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