Can You Pass This Mind-Bending Optical Illusion Test?


Are you ready to push your brain to the limit? I think you should, because this test may cause a fire inside your head! C’mon, you’re better than you think! Let’s see how good you are!

1. Let’s start! Do you think these lines are straight or crooked?

2. Which table is bigger?

3. Do you think squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray?

4. Is this a normal, nonmoving image or an animated gif?

5. Read this question carefully: Do you see the black dots at the intersections of the white lines?

6. Is there a third parallel line in between?

7. Do you think this visual is a spiral or perfectly round, concentric circles?

Concentric circles

8. Which one is more dominant; rabbit or duck?

9. Another size question; Which one is bigger?

10. What a cute scene, right? But which way does this Ferris wheel move?


11. Finally ending with the classic elephant question: How many legs does this elephant have?

You have an artistic brain!

Everyone’s brain works differently, but they roughly process in the same way. Your brain is closer to the ones whose brain works artistically! Which means, your brain prefers to see things different and more artistic than they actually are, instead of seeing things plain with all of their details. That’s why you’re someone who can turn even the simplest things into unique art works, while other people around you watch you with admiration! Keep it up and continue seeing the world in your unique way!

It’s in your hands to control your brain!

Our brains follow different paths while perceiving things. Usually, it chooses the easiest way and associates it with the things it saw before. You can change this, of course. You can take control and teach your brain to accurately process new things. You have 97% of the capacity to do this, which means you can control your brain 97%. We think it’s a decent amount!! Don’t underestimate yourself because you have the ability to do incredible things!!

The controller is you, not your brain!

You may be wondering what the hell that means, so let us explain! Usually, our brains use different ways to perceive things. It mostly uses the easiest way and tries to associate new things with things that it saw before. This sometimes can be misleading for some people. Those people don’t have as much power as they think they do over their brain, which means that their brain leads them. We're not talking about you, though! You have 100% of the ability to control your brain!  You force your brain to fully perceive the things it sees and you always succeed. This means that you have an incredible ability to perfectly understand anything you see!

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