Can You Pass This Anger Management Test?


Anger isn’t bad, as long as it’s controlled. Sometimes we all lose control, but are these the symptoms of a serious anger issue or just normal reactions? Take our test and find out!

1. Let’s start. One of your friends got totally wasted and started to insult you in front of others. What would you do?

I wouldn’t care, they’re drunk anyway.
I would smash them right in the face.
I'm not sure.
I would insult them back.

2. You discover that some animals ruined your garden tomatoes, what would you do?

I would pick the untouched ones.
I would go insane. My whole effort is wasted!
I would trash the ruined ones, God damn!

3. While you were trying to calmly drive your car, someone comes and pulls out in front of you. How would you react?

I would do the same and start a fight
I would press the horn.
I wouldn’t care and continue my way.

4. One of your friends invites someone over to your house that you don’t know and they break something in the kitchen. What would you do?

I would ask them to clean it.
It should be an accident. I would help them clean.
I would ask them to leave.

5. One of your coworkers told their negative thoughts about your performance in front of everyone. You:

I would ask them to speak privately.
I would smash them so hard that they can’t open their mouths again.
I would start to argue and get other people to support me

6. A family member that you usually disagree with crossed the line and started to say hurtful things. What would you do?

I would write them all down. My time will come.
I would get sad, but it’ll blow over, as always
I would yell and say hurtful things also.

7. The movie you’ve been waiting for is finally here and you’re at the movie theatre. But this guy sitting next to you laughs so hard that he spills his popcorn all over you. How would you react?

I would throw the popcorn in his face and start an argument.
I would politely ask him to be more careful.
I wouldn’t do anything and continue watching the movie.

8. Your bf/gf tells that she/he will be late that night, but you see them sitting in a bar with someone else. What would you do?

I would immediately go inside and beat them up.
I would call them and ask where they are to see if they’re going to lie.
I wouldn’t care, it's probably something about business.

9. You went to the airport way too early and discovered that your flight is delayed. You:

I would get annoyed, but there’s nothing I can do. I would find something to entertain myself.
Get mad at the airport workers.
I would get so mad about the amount of time I wasted.

You didn’t pass!

Either you suppress your emotions or spread them all over; you have serious anger issues. The anger control problems usually originate in childhood. Bad childhood memories and parents' negative attitudes ruin the ability to control our anger and cause even worse problems in the future, like you are experiencing right now. It’s known that people with anger issues have lower serotonin hormone levels, which are responsible for our happiness. That’s why you usually don’t enjoy the things you do. Even the littlest things are enough to drive you crazy and make you hurt people around you, even if you don't do it intentionally. The first thing you need to do is to face this problem. You need to be content with your imperfections and who you are. You should embrace your problems and try to solve them instead of ignoring them. Maybe you should think of getting professional help before you hurt  people around you even more.

You have moderate anger issues.

Your overarching reactions actually show that you’re really close to having some serious anger issues. But you’re totally aware of the things that make you mad and try to keep yourself away from those situations, which is kind of a control mechanism. Sometimes you lose control and go crazy too, of course. You should be very careful in those situations and try to keep calm as much as you can. Because, as we said, you’re really close to having some serious anger issues and it's in your hands to overcome this problem. Just be careful and try to keep your anger under control. Yes, we know, life is hard and so many things annoy you, but maintain the attitude you have. Never lose control!

You pass! You don’t have any anger issues.

We don’t know if you ever struggled with anger in the past or not, but we’re definitely sure that you can easily keep your anger under control. You're aware of the limits of your anger pretty well and also know where to stop. Sure, you get upset and maybe raise your voice sometimes, but you never exaggerate. You always have control. Keep it up! Some of us have things to learn from you..

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