Can We Guess Your Greatest Weakness?


No, you won’t be answering this question like you do in job interviews. We’ll give you the chance to find out about your greatest weakness so you can learn and do something to get over it and then discover your biggest strength! Don’t get offended though, we’ll just gonna tell the truth!

1. First of all: What do/will you work for?

2. Which one of these images means more to you?


3. Which one of these words is the most important for you?

4. Do you have regrets deep inside?

5. Suppose you want to hang a motivational poster on your bedroom’s wall, which one would it be?

6. You see someone fall down very badly while you are walking down the street, what would you do?

7. Who is the closest person to you in your life?

8. Finally; Suppose you have extra money, what are you going to do with it?

You’re too insatiable!

Unfortunately, you’re one of those people with an endless demand from life. Your biggest weakness is your insatiableness. You work hard to have certain things and succeed at the end. But it’s never enough for you, you always want to reach the next level a little more. This is actually not your fault; the age we’re living in and the popular culture we have forces you to be like this. The reason why you’re affected this much is that you’re much more ambitious and have bigger dreams compared to other people. Of course you should continue dreaming big and setting huge roles; but you should know where to stop also.

You’re stuck living in the past!

Unfortunately, your biggest weakness is your past. You can never let it go and move forward. You need to start focusing on what’s going to move you forward.  Something needs to pull you back to the present. Your past follows you wherever you go and continues to create obstacles. You always lived with regret and said ‘I wish’ all the time. But you can’t live with the fear of the past. You need to learn to leave things in the past. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all your memories, just embrace them and feel content about it. Don’t regret your mistakes, try to learn from them instead. Don’t say that it’s easier said than done. It’s easier to do, believe me. Your life will get better, you’ll see!

You’re too stubborn to live!

Unfortunately, your biggest weakness is your stubbornness. You have strict rules in life and never let anything or anyone to change them.  So you’re a little too conservative about those rules. You believe them unconditionally and you’re never open to connecting with another person’s ideas. Your opinions, your ideas; that’s all you know. But I think you should start embracing disagreement and be open to learn new ideas, maybe they know something that you don’t know or didn’t experience yet. You know what they say: “"Learn from the mistake of others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself." Don’t be so stubborn. Loosen up a little!

You will do anything for your loved ones!

Your loved ones are your weak points. When it comes to them, you’re overprotective. Even the idea of something happening to them is enough to drive you crazy. You would sacrifice anything for them. Of course, it’s a beautiful thing that you value, love and protect them this much; but you’re a exaggerating the situation little. You sometimes forget about yourself to take good care of your loved ones. You should make some time for yourself also; it’s your life, at the end. You should live life for YOURSELF, no matter what. Plus, this much of an attachment can be harmful for you. Life is unpredictable, something bad can happen to any of them anytime, and we don’t even want to imagine what your life would be like. So we suggest for you to control your love and protectiveness a little.

You’re too kind for this world!

Unfortunately, your biggest weakness is being ‘too nice.’  Of course, being good, helping others and trying to be nice all the time is perfect. But unfortunately, this world has more malicious people in it than people like you. And those people may abuse this feature of you and try to use you. That’s why you should sometimes forget about being kind and be able to raise your voice against them. You shouldn’t say ‘yes’ to everything and learn how to say “no” instead. We’re not giving advising you to change; on the contrary, you should never change, we need much more people like you. Just learn to protect yourself and don’t let anyone to abuse you!

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