Born To Lose! 14 People Who Are Having A Much More Awful Day Than You!


Do you think you are the unluckiest person in the world? Remember that there's always someone worse off than you! Here are the people who know everything about being unlucky!

1. Who's gonna open that?

2. I think you are on the wrong track...

3. Poor Gary...

4. Ice cream with full of vitamin!

5. This lady is definitely going home hungry

6. Someone is very curious about where his loly gone...

7. You'd better walk, dude...

8. Someone's tasty lunch is ruined I guess...

9. He smashed it with his latest recipe...

10. You should spend your money when you have time...

11. Never expect a cat to appreciate you!

12. Impossible to clean...

13. You'd think it was easy enough to open a yoghurt pot, right?

14. That's put paid to bathtime...

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OMG! hilarious photos :D

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