Bicycles Outnumber Cars In Copenhagen!


We hear often about Scandinavian countries when it comes to environmentally friendly initiatives. Sweden has gone through their trash, and have started importing it from neighboring countries to make clean energy.

Another piece of good news comes from Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, which has also been famous for being the 'bicycle capital' of the world. For the first time ever, there are more cyclists than drivers on the roads of Copenhagen!

The website has been sharing statistics regarding cycling in Copenhagen since 2007.

The graph clearly shows that since November 2016, the number of bikes entering the city center is more than the number of cars in the city center!

This graph shows that since 1970, the use of private vehicles has been decreasing, while the number of people who prefer cycling has been rapidly increasing.

There have been many regulations in the city to encourage cycling and decrease the number of motor vehicles.

As a result of these promising regulations, car ownership in Copenhagen dropped lower than 25%!

The municipality keeps a regular track of the changes in bicycle traffic in order to see the improvements in this matter.

According to the results, 56% of commuters prefer cycling and 20% public transportation.

The aim is to keep the bicycle traffic and public transportation usage ratio over 30% and the motor vehicle traffic below 30%.

The infrastructure investments are therefore carried out in a way that they will strengthen public transportation and bicycle traffic, and decrease car traffic.

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