Arnold Schwarzenegger Brutally Destroys A Troll Who Mocked Special Olympic Athletes!


As if hilariously taunting Donald Trump wasn’t enough, legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has given his fans another reason to adore him.  When some internet troll decided to mess with him, he turned into the Terminator. Here’s what happened.


The 2017 Special Olympics were held in Schwarzenegger’s native Austria, and as well as sponsoring the games, he was an outspoken ambassador for them on social media. Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Special Olympics, is the brother of Schwarzenegger’s former wife, Maria Shriver.

This not-so-bright Internet troll mocked the Special Olympics in response to a post by the famous actor. Schwarzenegger, an avid supporter of the Special Olympics, posted a video on Facebook last week in which he posed with athletes competing this year. The troll made his way to the comments section, questioning the purpose of the Special Olympics and slurring the hard-working athletes who take part in them. Arnold was having none of it and shut the coward down so brutally that he later deleted his comment.

Here's the comment and Arnie's response to it.

And people just fell in love with him for it.

We're not crying Arnie, we're just allergic to jerks!

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