All The Famous Schools And Academies We've Been To!


School memories. Times of spontaneous nosebleeds, bullies and first loves. Even if we are all raised in different parts of world we all know and been to these awesome schools. All aboard the nostalgia train!

1. The Orbit High School from The Jetsons

Admit it. Now you are singing the song.

2. Everybody's meeting point in the entire galaxy: Galaxy High School!

3. Platon’s famous school which rejected people lacking geometry skills

Hey why would I go to school if I already know the stuff you asshole?

4. A place for goofy heroes: Police Academy

Spoiler alert: Seventh movie sucks.

5. Nankatsu High School from Captain Tsubasa!

Flying bicycle kicks, round football fields and shizz.

6. West Beverly Hills High School

Actually this school is based on a real one. It’s called Beverly Hills High School. Producers of the show Beverly Hills, 90210 made that small difference and added the ‘West’

7. Welton Academy from Dead Poets Society

In loving memory of Robin Williams...

8. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

No further explanation is required for this one.

9. The Ludus Magnus: The Great Gladiatorial Training School of many champions!

10. The Jedi Academy

Just try and avoid being a freshmen while Anakin is a Senior.

11. A school of pure fun: Monsters University

12. The notorious Russian Institute

Uh oooooh....

Mandatory bonus: The school of life

This one sucks. True story...

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