A Life Full of Luck: The Truth About Coyote & The Road Runner In 30 Steps!

> A Life Full of Luck: The Truth About Coyote & The Road Runner In 30 Steps!

We truly feel sorry for all of the Coyote’s efforts over the years, let alone all the money he spent on ACME. On one side, you have this unrealistic, demonic Road Runner, and on the other side, you have our poor little Coyote, working so hard to meet his goal. On a whole different side, we have this evil ACME company who produces all these low quality products, and scams the Coyote over and over again. 

We are here for you, bro. We hear ya and we support ya!

1. Here’s our hero, trying to set up this new punch spring he bought from ACME. Do you think it’s possible?

2. He can miss; maybe the range won’t be enough or the Road Runner is tough BUT…

How the fuck can THAT happen? Seriously, do you guys have any mercy at all?

3. Look, an explosive arrow. What a splendid idea, but instead of the arrow, the bow goes away…

Let the Road Runner eat the Coyote and let this misery end. Why the never ending torment?

4. Another master plan, perfect set-up…

5. But what’s this? The Road Runner does the impossible, once again. Surprised? Don’t be!

6. We even sensed this would come, because the writers truly love the Road Runner.

7. But what the hell is this? Leave the poor thing alone! Where’s PETA when you need them?

8. Ahhh, Miley’s wrecking ball. It will fail for sure…

9. Aaaand here we go again. What do you actually want this animal to eat? He’s a hunter after all!

10. Oh, give me a break! Bullshit!

11. ACME is the most evil, blood sucking, capitalist company in history.

12. Another simple, but effective, plan. A swift death in line for the Road Runner…

13. Again, the same shit…Not cool when you keep doing it.

14. The cherry on top: IT DECIDES TO WORK!

15. He really pushes his limits in this one. Clever guy!

16. But then, mother nature shows how bitchy she can be…

17. Another sinister, genius plan…

18. Oh you poor little thing…

19. Look at all this work, all that time spent on it. The Road Runner should drop dead instead!

20. But somehow, that bomb goes off INSTANTLY!

21. Ahh, the evil catapults…

The rock fell back on him...

22. The catapult threw itself...

23. Missed its target...

24. He went underneath, but still…Bastard ACME!

25. He faced death for just a little piece of fresh meat.


27. Lastly, he gave up. He just wanted to kill it.

28. Another perfect plan, the furious Coyote and all the ‘advanced’ tech.

29. Of course it did not work. Instead, the plan went haywire.

30. Cleared him up completely!

Sleep well, dear friend…May you rest in peace…

Sleep well, dear friend…May you rest in peace…

And you…You rot in hell you god damn piece of shit!

And you…You rot in hell you god damn piece of shit!