9 Utterly Awkward Trends From 2018 We Want To End!


We just had enough!

1. Tie Pods Challenge

Tie pods eating challenge was causing concern among doctors and parents.  Parents couldn't believe to explain that detergent is not meant to be eaten.

2. Yodel Boy

You’d definitely heard of the Walmart yodel boy. He was the little kid dressed in cowboy boots and a red bow tie and singing the song.

3. Flossing

The floss dancing...is just embarrassing.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite is a battle royale game in which up to 100 people drop onto an island and attempt to survive longer than everyone else. 

But we just have enough!

5. Fire Challenge

The dangerous trend 'The Fire Challenge' was risking the lives of young people who're ending up in hospital with serious burns.

6. Yanny vs Laurel

The great debate happened this year but we really have enough to heard yanny and laurel sound....

7. Falling Stars

The trend include people dramatically lie on the ground as if they've just fallen in glamorous settings.  They showed off with their luxury jets, yachts, sports cars... We don't know when or when this weird trend begin but it should end in 2018.

8. Kiki Challenge

The trend is about jumping out of a moving vehicles and dancing in the road with Drake's "In My Feelings." Not only is stepping out of a moving vehicle risky, it violates traffic rules. 

Before someone dies, it should end...

9. Condom Snorting

This weirdest challenge is about unrolling a condom and stuffing it up to nose, then plugging the other nostril and inhaling until the long piece of latex slides into your mouth. 

Why someone do that? Please just learn to use the condoms properly...

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