8 Great Benefits Of Reading Before Sleeping!

> 8 Great Benefits Of Reading Before Sleeping!

Our mind is bombarded with data and stress throughout the day. Especially in business life, we have to deal with stress that is present the whole week and sometimes even the weekend. As a result, all the precious things that we've learned are forgotten, or are not in progress; in fact, we often feel bad that we can't find time to read a book.

1. It improves cognitive abilities.

A study by Northern Illinois University suggests that people who have the habit of reading before sleeping show higher performances in cognitive skills tests than those who don't have the habit. Besides that, it is also seen that there are significant differences in vocabulary and liberal knowledge.

So, reading even a small bit of something before sleeping could make you smarter. It's not that difficult to trigger the cognitive way of thinking, which is also quite useful in the business life.

2. It helps heal some of the discomforts of the mind.

2. It helps heal some of the discomforts of the mind.

Anxiety and depression for example.  Anxiety and depression are the most reported sicknesses in the U.S.A.

Of course, nobody claims reading a book treats depression 100%, but British psychiatrists started recommending that their patients read books who are going through mild depression and that idea seems to work. Most of the patients reported having shown signs of a decrease in their anxiety and depression problems.

3. It visibly increases the quality of sleep.

According to research by the National Sleep Foundation, reading before sleeping prepares the body to sleep. It acts as kind of a barrier between the things we've gone through during the day and the process of sleep we're about to have. And it prevents the stress of the day from interfering with our sleep.

Thus, the body and the mind focus better on the resting and regeneration process like they should. Therefore, this helps to wake up more vigorous and rested to the next working day.

4. It's fantastic prevention from Alzheimer's Disease.

4. It's fantastic prevention from Alzheimer's Disease.

Though Alzheimer's may not be a preventable disease, having some habits helps the brain to protect its functionality and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Reading a book before sleeping is one of those habits.

National Institute of Aging highly recommends reading a book before sleeping since it is not quite possible to do it during the day due to the busy working day and stress.

5. It reduces the cortisol level.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and working life is an ocean of it. But it's not solely a negative thing. It wakes people up to go to work and helps them to deal with their acute problems.

But, on the other hand, it nearly destroys the body. The reason for gastritis and chronic tiredness, weight gain, and sometimes depression is because of our high cortisol rates.

Reading even a few pages before sleeping prevents the cortisol hormone, which is sometimes at its peak during the day, to be carried to bed and this way we don't undermine the brain's and the body's resting process. And as we've mentioned above, it also helps us get better sleep.

6. It helps our mind clean up, up to 68%.

6. It helps our mind clean up, up to 68%.

According to research by the University of Sussex, reading even for 6 minutes before sleep can help the mind clean itself up, up to 68%, which is much better than listening to music or drinking a cup of tea.

7. It improves empathy.

The key actor of establishing a healthy relationship with other people is EQ.

According to the research article in Science magazine, reading a book, especially that of literary value, helps us put ourselves in the protagonist's shoes, thus improve our ability to empathize. Because it helps understand other people's feelings and the reasons for their reaction, decision and courses of action under certain circumstances, it enables us to improve our human affairs in real life by looking at the events from different angles. This is very precious in our work and private life.

8. And it feeds the imagination by lifting the mind up to a whole new level of consciousness.

When you devote your mind to this world of words, your blood pressure will be regular, your muscles will relax, your imagination will widen and the quality of your dreams will improve.

The important thing is, rather than reading a lot, you should read little by little, but regularly.

The important thing is, rather than reading a lot, you should read little by little, but regularly.

This way, it is possible to refresh your mind and your body to the new working day. People who have made this an everyday part of their lives know very well that it is not a waste of their sleeping time to read something for 15 to 20 minutes.