7 Proofs Couples Cooking Together Have Happier Relationships!


Here are the 7 things that prove cooking together is a must for healthier and longer lasting relationships:

1. Cooking together is fun and therapeutic.


In a survey from HelloFresh of over a thousand adults, 485 men and 522 women, researchers found that 56 percent of Americans find cooking therapeutic. It doesn’t really matter how you do it: simple or complicated, grilled cheese or filet mignon, just being in the kitchen is calming. You’re doing something with your hands. You’re creating something. You’re putting on your favorite tunes, firing up the stove, and letting your worries melt away... The findings from the survey also note that “about 30 percent of Americans say cooking an enjoyable meal is more satisfying than sex," and almost one-quarter cook to seduce a companion

2. A person who can cook is HOT.


Cooking is as sexy as it is practical. Cooking is one of the top 5 skills most women think their ideal man would have. Probably because it implies good hand skills.

3. Couples who cook together have more sex.


According to research cited in the Washington Post, couples who share housework — like cooking — have more sex. And, sex is a critical component to a healthy, lasting relationship. If you want to secure a satisfying sex life, you should consider picking up a spoon.

4. Cooking saves you money that you can spend on other activities.


Cooking saves you a lot of money. Studies have shown that people who spend money on experiences are happier than those who spend it on things. So if you can travel with your partner and collect memories together, you’re on the right track for a long-lasting romance.

5. Cooking together helps you communicate.


Communication is an essential ingredient in any relationship. You have to talk to each other face-to-face to nurture pair bonding and work through your problems. Research from the Gottman Institute suggests that couples that communicate poorly are virtually doomed to breakup. However, cooking together is a great way to create an opportunity to connect daily with one another without any pressure. While you both work on your tasks — like chopping or mincing —  you can catch up on each other’s lives. It’s an activity that that fashions a neutral place for the two of you to build up your relationship.

6. Cooking becomes less of a chore if you do it together.


Doing big chores together makes chores more bearable. Research from UCLA suggests that couples who have a system to assign each person’s duties for household chores have happier relationships. And cooking has historically been a female responsibility, but attitudes have changed over time. According to the HelloFresh survey, 85 percent of Americans say that cooking is the responsibility of both partners in a relationship.

7. Cooking is like a foreplay.


HelloFresh’s survey found that Americans believe the ability to cook to be as much of a turn on as having a nice body.  But what is so damn sexy about cooking? Two things: The way to any person’s heart is through the stomach, and cooking shows you care.

Additionally, the survey found that 15 percent of Americans admit to cooking in the nude.

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