32 “Must Share” Photos Every New Parent Takes


With the help of smart phones and digital cameras, we have the chance to photograph literally every moment of our lives. (Some of you overdo it, we know who you are!) If it's a newborn we're talking about, you will want to save every moment of your baby's life. Here are the 32 cliché, yet still adorable photos every new parent must take.

1. Milliseconds after the birth, with the baby sleeping on mama.

2. While leaving the hospital, including the father in the frame.

3. Another must; the tiny tiny feet in your hands. No biting!

4. Sleeping over your shoulder.

5. Perfectly eating the food you prepared.

6. Sleeping like an angel.

7. Holding onto your finger to find comfort and security.

8. Smiling in their dreams.

9. First teeth! Now it’s time to bite!

10. Messing with the hair.

11. Funny, dorky little hats.

12. Their very first steps!

13. When they learn how to wave goodbye.

14. With the father…

15. Putting your glasses on.

16. When the crawling begins.

17. Face down, from above.

18. With grandparents.

19. Relatives…

20. Other friends' kids…

21. Of course: selfies!

22. Gnawing things.

23. With the favorite toy.

24. And then they turn one!

25. First date with the bathtub.

26. Feeling shocked!

27. Stretching their feet all the way into their mouth.

28. Blending in with your pets.

29. Other indescribable positions.

30. Of course, with your favorite team’s jersey.

31. Laughing a lot

32. Experimenting with different headwear.

33. Getting VERY experimental here, you guys…

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