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29 Netflix Shows That Should Be Added To Your Watchlist!

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Netflix continues to change the world of TV and movies. However, when it comes to numbers, the company remains silent as a secret. Nevertheless, it is quite obscure that the audience criticizes these shows. With the help from the users over Metacritic, we've gathered a list of the best shows that are aired on Netflix.

1. Fuller House — 35/100

User Score:  6.3

Description: The adventures of Tanner family continues. DJ Tanner-Fuller is helping her sister Stephanie look after her 3 sons.

2. Marseille — 35/100

User Score6.4

Description: Marseilles Mayor receives a support from a casino project and this enables him to take a step forward for a thing he wants for a long time.

3. Hemlock Grove — 41/100

User Score6.7

Description: A tiny village, a crushed body, and a dark stranger full of secrets...All of the monsters come in different shapes.

4. Flaked — 43/100

User Score: 2.6

Description: Chip is a self-help professional who lives in California. However, when it comes to helping himself, Chip is not so great.

5. Between — 47/100

User Score: 4.8

Description: A mysterious disease kills everyone over 22 years old in a small village. The government wants to place these people under quarantine and the residents of the village withstand this decision.

6. Marco Polo — 48/100

User Score: 8.3

Description: A separated kingdom. A family which is torn apart due to the civil war. A legend that changes all the power dynamics.

7. The Ranch — 56/100

User Score: 7.7

Description: An unsuccessful athlete is helping his father and brother to save their farm.

8. Grace and Frankie — 60/100

User Score: 7.85

Description: Grace and Frankie are too busy setting up the details of their retired life. Life changes for Grace and Frankie when their husbands admit their love for each other.

9. The OA — 61/100

User Score: 6.7

Description: A young lady called Prairie Johnson was disappeared 7 years ago. Prairie ends this 7-year-old mystery by jumping off a bridge. She survives this suicide attempt and her life changes completely after this incident.

10. Sense8 — 63/100

User Score: 8.2

Description: Innate telepathic communication talent turns some people into a dangerous threat that needs to be annihilated. However, this situation also made them motivated to stay alive for each other.

11. Bloodline — 67.5/100

User Score: 8.2

Description: Rayburns are living an amazing life at a coastal village in Florida at first glance. Nobody's perfect, especially the Rayburns...

12. Daredevil — 71.5/100

User Score:  8.95

Description: An accident leaves the protagonist blind. However, this accident made him able to see everything better than before.

13. Love — 72/100

User Score: 7.4

Description: This is impossible. This is annoying. And this could be the best thing that ever happened to these two.

14. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp — 74/100

User Score: 6.9

Description: Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and hitmen. Welcome to the camp!

15. BoJack Horseman — 74.5/100

User Score: 8.65

Description: The life of Half-human, half-horse TV star Bojack Horseman's life. There are so many different things going on in Bojack's life.

16. F is for Family — 75/100

User Score: 7.5

Description: Story of two miserable parents and their 3 little daughters. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

17. W/ Bob and David — 76/100

User Score: 7.8

Description: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are creating funny sketches by using the conditions that are provided by time, space, and the digital era.

18. Stranger Things — 76/100

User Score: 8.9

Description: Show which tells the story of a boy who disappeared and her mother who is desperately looking for him. The show's cast members include Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Cara Buono.

19. House of Cards — 77/100

User Score: 8.43

Description: Congressman Frank Underwood questions the absolute authority.

20. Narcos — 77/100

User Score: 9.1

Description: Story of a drug cartel and his dangerous search for power. Let the drug games begin.

21. Luke Cage — 79/100

User Score: 8.3

Description: Carl Lucas had to go to prison due to a crime he didn't actually commit. Lucas somehow attains supernatural powers in prison and his skin becomes bulletproof.

22. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — 80/100

User Score: 7.85

Description: Former cult victim Kimmy Schmidt tries to survive in New York City after spending 15 years of her life in a pit.

23. Gilmore Girls — 81/100

User Score: 8.4

Description: Story of a mother-daughter duo who live in Stars Hollow. Lorelai is a mother who had her Rory when she was just 16 years old.

24. Series of Unfortunate Events — 81/100

User Score: 7.8

Description: A dark humor series which is also an adaption of the children book series Series of Unfortunate Events.

25. Jessica Jones — 81/100

User Score8.1

Description: Jessica Jones is a private detective who is too busy running away from her past.

26. Black Mirror — 82/100

User Score: 8.8

Description:  Black Mirror focuses on the dark sides of technology and its impact on modern life. The first two seasons of Black Mirror aired on Channel 4, then the show moved on to Netflix.

27. Orange Is the New Black — 84/100

User Score: 8.1

Description: Piper Chapman is a convict of a crime she didn't commit. Her inmates have a hard time believing in that.

28. Lady Dynamite — 85/100

User Score6.9

Description: The series is based on the life of the comedian Maria Bamford. The series showcases her gains and losses in life in a surreal way.

29. Master of None — 91/100

User Score:7.7

Description: Relationships, professional life, and finding the best taco... All of these are difficult. Being an adult is even more difficult than all of these.


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Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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