What to Know About Apple TV Plus’s ‘Slow Horses’ Season 2
Apple TV+ is back with the second season of Slow Horses seven months after the first installment was completed. Slow Horses launched its debut season in April 2022, attracting plenty of reviews and critics, revealed by an 89% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes supported by a 95% average Tomatometer and 7.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb. The first season is based on Mick Herron's book of the Slough House series, entitled Slow Horses, while its successor is adapted from the sequel Dead Lions. Apple TV+ initially ordered two seasons of Slow Horses in October 2019 before adding two more in June 2022, set to be derived from other books from the series.
Alex Pritz's ‘The Territory’ Takes Viewers to the Beloved Amazon Rainforest
The Territory is a documentary film directed and produced by Alex Pritz for National Geographic and Disney Plus. The film launched on National Geographic in August 2020 before it recently acquired a Disney+ December release date. National Geographic's The Territory managed an outstanding 7.6 out of 10 stars- meaning it's worth it for Disney+ subscribers to try it.
Paramount Pictures Film ‘Babylon’ Features an Ensemble Cast: Check Out The Trailer
Paramount Pictures has lined up the eccentric drama film Babylon this holiday, which is described as “The Great Gatsby on Steroids”, featuring an all-star studded cast and the craziness of the golden age in Hollywood. Crafted by Damien Chazelle, Babylon depicts the entertainment industry's evolution in the 1920s from silent films to the audio version as it sees the rise and descent of Hollywood bigwigs. The preview video captures the indulgence of early Hollywood, consisting of drug overuse and hard partying. We see topless women and Brad Pitt’s character plummeting from a balcony in his undies but surprisingly gets up unharmed as he retires for the night.
Dreams to Come: Where is Serena Going From Here?
We've all met her. She'll call you crying, recounting her last fight with her boyfriend. He'd drink, storm out, then come home smelling like another woman. She'd have her life planned out, the exact shade of white for their picket fence, her career, and their kids' names. If she could only do better, get him to stop drinking, and prove her worth. You'd tell her to hit the road and find a place of her own. She'd be so much happier with someone else, or with nobody at all. She didn't need him. She'd agree, nod along, and talk about how it probably would be better if he was out of her life. Then his carlights would show up in her driveway, and she'd have to go. She'd hang up, fight some more, and call you the next evening, ready to tell you what happened when he got home from the bar. Who are we to blame someone like that? The best of us have entered into a toxic relationship, and bad love is so hard to walk away from. It might be irritating, getting those calls every night, urging your friend to leave. But it's human nature. We develop a sense of loyalty towards those who treat us the worst. But what if she was a terrible person? A slave owner or the philosophical founder of a theocratic regime, and you were her handmaid or her martha, offering her a drink late at night, or withstanding a visit from her in your room? Would you still feel bad if her husband was abusive? Would it sting just as much seeing her beaten and yelled at? From a detached perspective, it's easy to say that it wouldn't, but in Gilead all women are second-class citizens--subhuman, seen as stupid and frivolous. They have no choice when it comes to their future or their circumstances, even as wives. There's no such thing as bodily autonomy. What he wants, he gets, whether she wants it herself or not; that's the case in the bedroom, in the kitchen--in every aspect of life, and abuse is the norm. That's on top of a long list of societal prejudices and pseudo-scientific biases, destroying their self-confidence and forcing them to accept that they are in fact inferior. How do you look at a wife, even one as cruel as Serena, and not feel a flash of pity? We could say that we wouldn't, but if we were face to face with that level of oppression, things could get complicated. We are talking about someone who wasn't allowed to read or write. She had duties to perform. Her free time was confined to a short menu of government-approved activities, and she wouldn't be allowed to leave--even after years of infidelity and beatings. In truth, wives are slaves just like handmaids and marthas. They're trapped and forced to work. They're monitored and belittled. They're certainly not protected. Guardians could hurt them. Their husbands treated them like property. Just like with Rita, someone could've cracked Serena's jaw and nobody would have even flinched.
Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek Get Kinky on ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’
Channing Tatum takes his shirt off again as an exotic dancer for a third installment of the Magic Mike franchise. Warner Bros. Pictures recently released a trailer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, revealing steamy scenes between Tatum’s Mike and Salma Hayek, who will be taking a primary role in the upcoming sequel. Check it out!
What is Peacock’s ‘The Calling’ Truly About?
The concept of a detective with supernatural abilities is one of the oldest tropes in crime drama TV shows. But a detective who relies on his faith to solve crimes is something else. That's what Peacock's new series, The Calling from Barry Levinson and David E. Kelley, tries to explore. The crime procedural drama premiered on November 10 2022, and it tells the tale of NYPD detective Avraham Avraham, a religious Jew who’s guided by his faith to solve mysteries. If you like investigatory series, this could be the one for you but let's bog down into its details, including whether The Calling is worth watching.
It’s Time to Go Mysterious with Prime Video’s ‘Three Pines’ Season One
Prime Video has been working tirelessly to deliver the best shows, especially mystery, detective, and crime dramas. The streamer recently added Three Pines, an adaptation of Louise Penny’s book series, Chief Inspector Gamache. Three Pines joins other Prime Video crime drama shows such as Outer Range, The Outlaws, The Terminal List, Sprung, and Reacher, among others.
Netflix Reveals the Cast List and Trailer for Turkish Series ‘Hot Skull’ Season One
If you’re into adventure shows, then Netflix should be your new home for this upcoming holiday. The streaming platform recently unveiled an addition to the category with Hot Skull season one. Hot Skull is based on Afşin Kum’s book of the same title, published in 2016. Like any other novel-to-TV show adaptation, Hot Skull appears to have promising advancements from its mother source.
15+ of the Most Anticipated Comedy Movies in 2023
The year 2023 is looking to be even better for comedic movies. There are many fascinating comedies coming out next year, and among them are Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie, Taika Waititi's soccer film, and Ari Aster's satirical horror epic with Joaquin Phoenix.
Dreams to Come: What Will Happen to Janine?
Shout it once. Shout it twice. Scream it from the mountaintops, and make sure that you are heard. Janine is not crazy. She's a victim of one of the most vicious aspects of human nature. For many, any sign of mental illness, any little flaw, is enough to justify complete abandonment. Nothing will send people running quite like a temporary lapse in sanity, which is what she went through. She had a difficult life--just her and her son up against the electric company, her landlord, and her boss. But she was making it, and she was doing alright, until she was abducted and thrown into cattle pens with groups of shrieking women.The series ignores the things she saw, using the dark imagery sparingly, and only for a few minutes at a time. But there would've been two to three dozen others like her, unbathed, standing in cages with a single bucket, wearing the same clothes for days at a time. They would've stunk like sweat and unwashed flesh, and the sounds of suffering would've filled the air. Some were marched off to their deaths, begging while men shrieked at them, telling them to move faster. Others would plead, desperate to know what had happened to their children and loved ones. That's when Janine first lost touch. We saw her rushed into a transport, yelling about how she was going to sue the guardians. Soon, she was being marched down the hall, into the basement of a repurposed high school. She was shown to a desk during one of Aunt Lydia's propaganda sessions, and she spoke out, saying, 'Welcome to the frickin' looney bin, huh?'
Seth MacFarlane's 'Family Guy' Celebrates 400th Episode: How Has it Managed to Survive This Far?
The skittish unorthodox animated TV series Family Guy celebrates its 21st season and 400th episode and still counting! Though the Seth MacFarlane creation has successfully cracked up the audience over the decades by trolling celebrities, films, cultures, religions, political ideologies and bizarre pop culture references, there still can't miss one or two comments from those whose toes have been trodden on. So how do MacFarlane and his team manage to escape the wrath of offended viewers? Here's what they had to say.
Attention! ‘Euphoria’ Gets a German Adaptation: Get More Details
The generation Z drama series Euphoria continues to spread its gold dust around the world. This just in! Euphoria is getting a German adaptation, contracted by the production company Zeitsprung Pictures and will be distributed by ADD Content. Scriptwriters Jonas Lindt and Paulina Lorenz have already been recruited to helm the show's screenplay.
Dreams to Come: Moira's Future in Canada
When Gilead froze all female bank accounts, revealing their true nature and intent to the world, Moira found herself standing in June's dining room guzzling a bottle of wine. She knew. She saw it coming. She didn't have the luxury of ignorance. She was a woman of color, a lesbian, and a radical feminist. She watched men debate her right to bodily autonomy, while the masses shamed gays and fought to deny them housing and jobs. When she was a child, Congress was arguing about whether or not spousal abuse should be prosecuted. To someone as informed as Moira, theocracy was always on the cusp, and equality was nothing more than a fragile whim. It would've been impossible not to develop a cynical outlook. She laughed when she talked about what'd happened, but her sour face said it all. There was a rant on the tip of her tongue, ready to jump out when Luke walked into the room. She said that he was the f*cking problem and that women didn't need to be protected and owned. When he got frustrated and asked her if he should just go into the kitchen and cut off his dick, she said yes, and send it to the collective. They'd love that. There's a certain kind of fury in her nature, something that pushes back, but it's not strength. It's a defense mechanism hiding a sensitive shell. We see it in her bared teeth and her pained expression. She understands hatred, prejudice, and the mass ignorance that hinders human rights. She was born into a world that loathed her, and what little respect she had earned had been ripped away by fascist bigots bent on control. She fought. She lost, and it stung.
Romance Drama Film ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ Comes to Netflix: Find Out The Release Date
If you're into romantic drama films, then Netflix is the place for you. The streaming platform boasts many such movies, including Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, The Royal Treatment, Along for the Ride and an upcoming addition into the category, Lady Chatterley's Lover. Lady Chatterley's Lover is an adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's book of the same title, published in the late 1920s. The upcoming film, starring Jack O'Connell and Emma Corrin, is bound to present Lawrence's story better by blending the current technology and ideologies.
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