28 Pictures That Are So Frustrating, You Will Need Some Rest Afterwards


You only had one job, people!

Source: http://thechive.com/2018/12/20/images-th...

1. Seriously?

2. Why tho?

3. 🙄

4. The moment that makes you realize you hate your life:

5. Do y'all have sense?

6. “This asshole double parked on handicapped parking spaces outside of a nursing home without handicapped tags.”

7. How rude!

8. Sometimes neighbours just want to be hated.

9. Do they do this at home, too?

10. "This lady resting on the apples at Walmart."

11. 😪

12. Okay, this person wants to break up obviously.

13. "Blinding!"

14. Whoever made this really had no mercy.

15. Why?!

16. 😪😪

17. How to be an asshole 101:

18. This is another level of laziness:

19. "I can’t park my own car in my drive way thanks to this dickhead."

20. I mean how does this even happen? Do they place the whole things and then go 'Whatever, I'll just do it this way'???

21. Heartbreaking.

22. Can y'all like, change lanes?

23. Okay, we all kind of do this sometimes.

24. Who made this? 😂

25. Just disrespectful.

26. Who gave you a license?

27. "The still-frosted windshield of a car that rear-ended someone."

28. Number 9:

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