23 Wealthiest Women And Men In The World According To Forbes!


Here are the 23 billionaires who now own as much wealth as the poorest 3.8billion people combined.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article...

1. Jeff Bezos

Age: 55

Wealth: £86.8billion

Lives: Seattle, Washington

Known for: Amazon founder 

Family: Separated from wife MacKenzie Bezos; four children 

Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science, Princeton University

2. Bill Gates

Age: 63

Wealth: £69.8billion

Lives: Medina, Washington

Known for: Microsoft co-founder

Family: Married to Melinda Gates, three children

Education: Harvard University (dropped out)

3. Warren Buffet

Age: 88

Wealth: £65.1billion

Lives: Omaha, Nebraska

Known for: Berkshire Hathaway holding company

Family: Married to Astrid Menks, three children

Education: University of Nebraska Lincoln and Columbia University

4. Bernard Arnault

Age: 69

Wealth: £55.8billion

Lives: Paris, France

Known for: LVMH - the owner of luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Moët

Family: Married to Hélène Mercier, five children

Education: Ecole Polytechnique de Paris

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Age: 34

Wealth: £55billion 

Lives: Palo Alton, California 

Known for: Facebook

Family: Married to Priscilla Chan, two children

Education: Harvard University (drop out)

6. Amancio Ortega

Age: 82

Wealth: £54.3billion

Lives: La Coruna, Spain

Known for: Zara

Family: Married to Flora Pérez Marcote. three children

Education: Left school aged 14

7. Carlos Slim Helu

Age: 78

Wealth: £52billion

Lives: Mexico City, Mexico

Known for: America Movil

Family: Widowed from Soumaya Domit, six children

Education: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

8-9. Charles & David Koch

Ages: Charles, 82; David, 78

Wealth: £46.5billion each

Lives: Charles - New York; David - Wichita, Kansas

Known for: Koch Industries

Family: Charles - married to Liz Koch, two children; David - married to Julia Flesher, three children

Education: Both at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10. Larry Ellison

Age: 74

Wealth: £45.3billion

Lives: Woodside, California

Known for: Oracle software

Family: Divorced from Melanie Craft, two children

Education: University of Chicago (drop out)

11. Michael Bloomberg

Age: 76

Wealth: £38.8billion

Lives: New York

Known for: Bloomberg LP

Family: In a relationship with Diana Taylor, two children

Education: Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School

12. Larry Page

Age: 45

Wealth: £37.8billion

Lives: Palo Alto, California

Known for: Google

Family: Married to Lucinda Southworth, two children

Education: University of Michigan and Stanford University

13. Sergey Brin

Age: 45

Wealth: £36.8billion

Lives: Los Altos, California

Known for: Google

Family: Divorced from Anne Wojcicki, two children

Education: Stanford University and University of Maryland

14-15-16. Jim, Alice & Robin Walton

Ages: Jim, 70; Rob, 74; Alice, 69

Wealth: £36billion each

Lives: Jim and Rob - Bentonville, Arkansas; Alice - Fort Worth, Texas

Known for: Walmart

Family: Jim - married to Lynne McNabb, four children; Rob - married to Melani Lowman-Walton, three children; Alice - divorced, no children

Education: Jim and Rob - University of Arkansas; Alice - Trinity University

17. Ma Huateng

Age: 47

Wealth: £35.1billion

Lives: Shenzhen, China

Known for: Tencent Holdings

Family: Married to Wang Danting

Education: Shenzhen University

18. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Age: 65

Wealth: £32.7billion

Lives: Paris, France

Known for: L'Oreal

Family: Married to Jean-Victor Meyers, two children

19. Mukesh Ambani

Age: 61

Wealth: £31.1billion

Lives: Mumbai, India

Known for: Reliance Industries

Family: Married to Nita Ambani, three children

Education: University of Bombay

20. Jack Ma

Age: 54

Wealth: £30.2billion

Lives: Hangzhou, China

Known for: Alibaba Group

Family: Married to Zhang Ying, three children

Education: Hangzhou Teacher's Institute

21. Sheldon Adelson

Age: 85

Wealth: £29.8billion

Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada

Known for: Las Vegas Sands

Family: Married to Miriam Ochsorn, five children

Education: City College of New York (drop out)

22. Steve Ballmer

Age: 62

Wealth: £29.8billion

Lives: Hunts Point, Washington

Known for: Microsoft

Family: Married to Connie Snyder, three children

Education: Harvard University

23. Li Ka-shing

Age: 90

Wealth: £27.1billion

Lives: Hong Kong

Known for: CK Hutchison Holdings

Family: Widowed from Chong Yuet Ming, two children

Education: Left school aged 15

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