22 Magnificent Spring Photos From All Over The World!


Spring is the season of hope and recreation. Here are the most beautiful pictures of Spring from all over the world.

Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/gab...

1. Madrid, Spain

2. Lake Elsinore, California

3. Berlin, Germany

4. The Gaza Strip

5. Nanjing, China

6. Moscow, Russia

7. Surrey, England

8. Karlsruhe, Germany

9. Athens, Greece

10. Sunamganj, Bangladesh

11. Jerash, Jordan

12. Thessaloniki, Greece

13. Alnwick, England

14. Markovci, Slovenia

15. Minsk Region, Belarus

16. Rostov-on-Don, Russia

17. Dhaka, Bangladesh

18. Dobrich, Bulgaria

19. Konya, Turkey

20. Baku, Azerbaijan

21. Moulin, Scotland

22. Kissimmee, Florida

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