22 Lifestyle Tips To Make Your Life More Peaceful!


Why not try the following lifestyle tips to reduce the chaos of existing?

1. Get rid of the things you don't use. You can sell or donate them to people in need.


Try to obtain minimalism as your philosophy towards life. Avoid chaos at all costs. Create an atmosphere that will help you relax. Don't let material stuff rule your life. Instead, focus on buying things that you really NEED.

2. Be Organized.


About everything. Categorize your files, note, bills and expenses. Put your clothes where you can easily reach them. Always keep them in order, so that choosing among them won't be a burden each day. This way, you'll save time and you won't have to think about where your favorite t-shirt is.

3. Don't consume things that you don't need.


Why do we hold on to things that we don't need? Don't fill your home with stuff. Only buy the amount of food that you can actually eat. Arrange your shopping habits according to your needs. Before you buy something ask yourself "Am I going to use this or is this impulse shopping?"  Are you buying that for instant happiness, or do you REALLY need that? When you are mindful about the money you spend, you'll feel more confident by controlling yourself. Also, your credit card will thank you.

4. Put your personal life before your work.


There might be exceptional cases. If you're busy as a bee, you might give up on half an hour of your sleep to send an e-mail or two. This is okay, if you don't do it so often. You're more than what you do or how much you make. Always remember, you're your own priority.

5. Find things that will comfort you.


If breathing in the cross-legged position does not comfort you, find something else at your own pace. Riding your car, listening to loud music, painting or dancing... Find what feels good.

6. Transform daily chores into self-pampering time.


Bad news: You have to do chores no matter what. Good news is you can always add fun to what you do. Light a candle, put on some music, fill your bathtub with bubbles to turn bathing into a meditative time. Treat yo self!

7. Take a notebook and turn it into your own inspiration book.


Keep track of the things that inspire you. Ideas, quotes, lifestyle tips... Take a notebook and write them down. This way, you can reach them whenever you want. Divide it into sections such as work, relationships, health or food, and take notes when you see something that inspires you.

8. Journal.


Think of your journal as an opportunity to tell your story. Write down your ideas, opinions and observations during the day. It's good for both clearing your head and keeping track of your feelings. After a while, when you come back to your writings, it will give you sense of what you want to change in your life.

9. Light some candles.


They will make you calm while creating a peaceful ambiance. Win-Win.

10. Try adding lemon and honey to your favorite hot beverage.


Adding some natural flavor will not only calm you but also help you keep it healthy.

11. Use cash only.


Okay, this one is a bit difficult. Try to forget that you own a credit card. Use cash as much as you can. This will help you observe your expenses and how much you actually spend. Also, you don't have to worry about the credit card bill at the end of the month.

12. Repeat your 'mantra'.


The Sanskrit word 'Mantra' means "the thing that makes you contemplate" and it symbolizes the power of words. The words crossing your mind are extremely powerful. Just remind yourself what you want in your life. Repeat sentences like "I am successful," "I am safe," "I am loved" or "I am financially sufficient." This practice will help you obtain a mindset that will feed your well being by going through a personal journey.

13. Leave negative people behind. Don't apologize for doing so.


People might call you inconsiderate or rude. Let them be. You do not have to please anyone by making yourself uncomfortable.

14. Starting cooking for yourself.


Experiment. Use different ingredients to reach new tastes. Cooking will also help you become a more productive and responsible human being.

15. Observe what you consume.


Food, music, reading, TV... All that you consume affects your daily mood. Do not underestimate the power of the things you let in your life without realizing.

16. Ask yourself what kind of life you want and prioritize this idea to reach your life goals.


What do you REALLY want? Ask yourself: Do you want to waste your life with the job you hate? Do you want to accomplish your dream and say "I made it!". This is your path, and you have to make a decision for yourself.

17. Choose realistic goals.


You won't accomplish more or less than anything you want. But the uncomfortable feeling of "I should have done more" will disappear eventually.

18. Discover what makes you happy in your daily life.


An amazing experience does not have to require spending money. You don't have to buy expensive ingredients to cook delicious meals. The same goes for your life. You don't need anything more than what you own to be happy. Life is about what you feel, not what you possess. When you change your point of view, it will all make sense.

19. Try to understand what you're looking for.


Whatever it is you're looking for, you'll find it eventually. Focus on changing yourself to understand what is wrong with your current life. This will help you realize what you're actually looking for. If you're afraid of discovering yourself or you're not aware of your self-worth, the answers will be hard to see.

20. Develop a personal philosophy towards your life. Let it guide you through every single day.


Not knowing your purpose might lead to a worried, anxious and discontent life. You don't have to follow a religion or join a cult. However, you do have to define what you feel. It's not because someone told you to do so, but instead to create harmony between your personality and your approach towards life.

21. Stop controlling yourself.


Contrary to your instinct, holding yourself back will not help you. If you are careful about who you are and think your personality, the pieces will fall into place. You'll also save energy from holding yourself back. Ignoring negative parts of yourself is way more dangerous than trying to live with them. This situation is defined as "shadow personality" in psychology.

22. Change your point of view.


Leave room for surprises. The feeling of fear can easily blur your point of view. You might not be able to know about all of the things that will make you happy. Never stop chasing happiness. It can be anywhere.

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