21 People Who Tried To Open A Portal To Hell


Quick people. Gates to hell are about to be closed and only three entries left. Do your best and end up there!!! Ready? Go!!! 😁

It was an ordinary day at the abyss

Mr. Satan heard something! Someone trying to get in maybe?

1. Here is our first contestant

2. He's not the only one. Everyone is looking for the portals

3. Her first attempt was a fail. Let's give another chance

Oh no.

4. This one looks really determined

What!!!! AW YIS! She did it!

A big applause for the first place 👏👏😁

5. Allright. Seems like the hidden ingredient is water. Come on people!! Go go go!!!

Did it work? 😞😞


6. No no no... Do not go with frozen ones


7. This one will definitely work. I believe in him

I don't know where but that guy went to places. 😂😂

8. This man thinks outside of the box

HAHAHAHAH! YESSS. He grabs the second place

I told you guys. Keep brainstorming.

9. Bikes? Never thought of those. Might work as well... Let's give a chance.

10. Yeah maybe two people can get the third place. That's acceptable.

Only if they could succeed 😒

11. One last chance with a bike

Nope. 😞

Ok, no more bikes.

12. Scooter? Not much different but why not?


13. Skateboards? It's kinda getting boring.

At least it looked cool.

14. Video games? Uhm, ok.


He got stuck in between 😞

Is it legit?

Nope. Third place is still open 😅

15. A TRUCK!!!! He's cheating!!!

16. A past contestant leaving hell

17. Nope. No horses allowed there

18. Leave the horse and go with that tree

19. We said NO HORSES!

20. Ok, go on. You had it coming.

21. Wait, what? Video games?? Horses?? What da hell people 😁😁

Umm. Alright. It looks legit.

..and that poor satan guy.

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