21 Moments of Insta-Regrets


It's those moments you know it's not the best idea ever

1. The moment you throw your kid outta window

2. The moment you have a dirty mind

Not that girl. You.

3. The moment your husband picks a penguin as the best man

4. The moment of one last hope

5. The mome... Okay why one does something like this?

6. The moment you supported firearms

7. The moment you learn you are not a Targaryen

8. The moment you are in a bed with snake and it suddenly bites you and you scream in pain


9. The moment you do not follow traffic rules

10. The moment you choose the wrong gift

11. The moment you try to do something unexplainable

12. The moment kiss cam catches you

Not while kissing

13. The moment you pick the wrong owner as a bag

14. The moment you try to break your ankle

15. The moment you dive into adult life

16. The moment you think of that office job you rejected

17. The moment you act like a jerk

18. The moment you act like a jerk... Again.

19. The moment you still continue to act like a jerk


20. The moment you let your son by his own

21. The moment.. NOPE NOPE NOPE

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