21 Fantastic Photos That Show Our World Is Filled With “Mildly” Interesting Things!


Here are 21 photos that many people have never seen and they will make you stare forever!


1. "Dust from a break drum looks like a moon."

2. "This soup place wraps each individual half lemon in netted cloth so that you won’t have to bother with the seeds"

3. "Packing my daughters school lunch and the strawberries are bigger than the tiny apples I’ve bought."

4. "I made popcorn on the cob"

5. "Snow sliding of a roof"

6. "This spoon-fork design"

7. "This ball made of honey which you can drop in you tea."

8. "Whipped eggs became gorilla"

9. "You can see where a leaf cast a shadow on this apple"

10. "This police car on my campus is painted half like a taxi in a statement against drunk driving"

11. "I managed to end a pen while in highschool without it getting stolen, broken or lost"

12. "Work of art created by small overnight leak of insulating foam"

13. "My tea spilled a bit, and dried nicely over Homer’s coffee cup."

14. "I drew poppy outlines for my class to cut out - they look like they overlap but don’t."

15. "The back of the truck has a decal that makes it look transparent"

16. "This broken rock that looks a little bit like an avocado"

17. "You can charge this battery with a micro USB"

18. "The frosting on my car window was melted by the sun through the mirror."

19. "This leaf that fell and dried out on top of my grill."

20. "This grape that looks like a pumpkin"

21. "When we brush our golden retriever we leave the hair outside because birds in our neighbourhood put it in their nests."

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