20 Signs Showing You Are Turning into Your Parents!


One day, you look in the mirror and realize you have become one of your parents. You hated them back in the days and now you have all those features you didn’t like. Ahhhh life…

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1. Chasing discounts at the supermarket.

“Oh this is cheaper let’s get this one instead.”

2. Going to bed early and feeling perfectly fine about it.

3. When you start debating going out during the week because you have work the next day.

“It’s a work day tomorrow man, we’ll go out in the weekend.”

4. Slowly starting to like the movies your parents did…

5. Avoiding going out with wet hair in case you catch a cold.

6. When you feel annoyed seeing someone underdressed during cold days.


7. Knowing what it means to have savings and saving as much as you can.

8. Waiting the paycheck before you buy something.

9. And you always keep making calculations till the end of the month.

10. You scold your friends for their own good.

11. Even if you are guilty, you make the other side feel guilty. You’ll use this on your kids soon!

12. Stuffing your bag with meds, snacks and other useful things.

13. Taking other people’s comments into consideration. Especially when choosing a place to go or eat.

14. Laughing at your own bad jokes. Such an oldie now...

15. Your favorite hobby is to just lay in front of the TV or computer all day.

16. Desperately trying to eat healthy.

17. Having your discount card and looking for that extra points every time you go do the groceries.

18. Criticizing other people’s looks if they are dressed like you know, her…

19. Feeling too lazy to catch up with all the new popular bands and songs. No time to bother understanding.

20. Your favorite compliment is the one about how young you look.

If you have these signs, congratulations! You have transformed into your parents!

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