23+ Brilliant Way To Protect Your Christmas Trees From Your Four-Legged Friends!


Do you have a problem to protect your Christmas tree from your four-legged friends? Now, problem solved! Here are 25 genius people who found a brilliant way to protect their Xmas Tree!


1. Simple and creative!

2. Best solution to protect your tree from cats!

3. Well, you saved the Christmas!

4. Fox proof Christmas tree and a portal!!

5. "Every time he tries to climb the tree, we make him put on a Christmas outfit for 15 minutes"

6. How to protect Christmas tree from your cat? Use a cage but not for cat...

7. Also for your dog!

8. I am sure this Christmas tree will be safe!

9. "Our cat proof and environmentally conscious Christmas tree. Turn a tomato cage upside down, add a blanket, and laugh at the situation"

10. Cat proof level 999+!

11. Done!

12. Instead of putting your cat in the cage put the tree in the cage...

13. Brilliant idea!

14. "My buddy decided to cat-proof his Xmas tree"

15. Safe, safer, safest....

16. "The problem now is that she won’t stop staring at it and meowing angrily because she can’t reach"

17. Child and dog proof!

18. "So my dad told me he had to dog proof the Christmas tree… This was not what I expected..."

19. You shall not pass!

20. So stylish...

21. You don't need a tree when your dog pretending to be!

22. Very clever!

23. Problem? Solved!

24. Now, it's the way that will make everyone happy!

25. "Our cat proof Christmas tree! We decided to buy a smaller one and put it on top of the kitchen fridge"

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