19 Things Only Perfectionists Would Know Well!

> 19 Things Only Perfectionists Would Know Well!

Wanting the best, the perfect result…When many others give up, you keep going on and on. Because perfection is what you deserve. You don’t, deserve anything else and they call you perfectionist. Some say it’s too much and it is bad for your health, but people who achieve perfectionism are the happiest and most successful people on our planet.

You live to deny the no one is perfect claim. You just have to believe and work very, VERY hard for it. Let’s take you through the 19 common things you experience on this journey.


1. If it’s not a 100% success, it’s not success at all.

2. You can carry the world on your shoulders. You just need to find and reveal that strength in you. So work harder!

3. You don’t bother dealing with easy stuff because it won’t help you get better. A challenge is always more preferred.

4. Instead of being full of love and pretending, you act the way you are. But people judge you for it anyway.

5. This is why people think your ego is too damn high. But you know that in truth, it’s actually the opposite.

6. Smiling is the key! When things don’t go your way, you look in the mirror, smile and promise you will make it right.

7. Career is NOT your life. It’s actually all balanced as oppose to the common belief. Balance is harder to achieve and its more perfect.

8. You know how to have fun. Everything is good on its own time. Even being perfect.

9. You went through many failures and defeats. But you stood up and improved yourself with each defeat.

10. Instead of running away from a challenge, you jump straight ahead and face it.

11. Even though you seem independent, you want others to appreciate your accomplishments.

12. No one wants you to be a superhero. But if only you had a small chance…You would do your best to get there.

13. You don’t abandon people easily. But when that tipping point is reached, you don’t look back once.

14. You don’t judge a book by its cover. You first try to make sense and then decide accordingly.

15. You don’t stop trying. You think every try gets you closer to perfection. And you finally get there.

16. Even though life is as hard as sailing in the ocean with a paper boat, you never give up.

17. Success is not beating everyone at an exam, it’s getting the perfect score!

18. Some people see you as a fierce rival but your only rival is yourself.

19. When you finally get there, you make sure you treat yourself well. Because it’s not easy to get there at all…