19 Surprising Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Away In A Second!


Every day we learn more about our bodies, our planet, galaxy and the universe, and about our mind and behavior. However, there is still a great deal that we don't know yet. Even if we discover a new pattern, we start questioning the cause and trigger and what not.

It should be a part of being human to want to learn and to like learning! So let's go and expand that nice horizon of yours!

1. Men are more prone to violence on sunny days.


Experts from Israel Ben Gurion University conducted a study about violence and found out that there are three times more murders during the summer and that the murderers are mostly male. Another finding is that serotonin levels are lower in those who are inclined to violence.

2. If you find someone's natural odor attractive, it means that their immune system is different than yours.

Children born to parents that have different immune system genes have a stronger immune system!

3. The biggest honey bee in the world, the Himalayan Honey Bee, makes a hallucinogenic honey that is collected by the tribes nearby.

4. The female blanket octopus is 40,000 times larger than male blanket octopus.

Scientists hadn't been able to find a single male blanket octopus until 2002, as the huge difference between the size of males and females was yet unknown. Although females can grow up to 6.5 feet, males don't exceed a couple of centimeters.

This difference in size is very contrasting to that we normally see in nature. Normally males are larger than females.

5. Cheese and bitter chocolate protect your teeth against cavity.

6. The most 'useful' swimmer ever!

Shavarsh Karapetyan is an Armenian-Russian fin-swimmer and both a World and Europe champion! 

When he heard that a bus ended up in water, he was finishing up his 12-mile swim. He dove 33 feet and saved 20 people one by one.

He broke the world record 11 times, became the world champion 17 times; and Europe champion 13 times, and Russia champion 7 times!

7. Domesticated and de-odored foumarts make great pets!

They are loving, friendly and you can teach them quite a few tricks!

8. An interesting story about the popular movie 'Saving Private Ryan':

During filming, Tom Sizemore was battling a heavy drug addiction but Spielberg still wanted him in the movie. To keep him sober, Spielberg gave him an ultimatum for motivation. He would drug test Sizemore every day and if he failed the test once he would be fired and they would reshoot the whole movie without him regardless of how much they had already filmed.

9. Scientists still haven't figured out how to transplant an eye. The reason why is that the optic nerve that connects our brain and eyes is too sensitive to be operated.

Take good care of your eyes!

10. The magical word "Abrakadabra" was first used to lower the body temperature of people who had high fever and became popular.


11. It is estimated that around 100 billion people have died since the beginning of humanity.


12. Our body temperature is closely related with our sleeping schedule. That's the reason we can't sleep as good during very hot nights of summer. The ideal temperature for a good night's sleep is 64-82 °F.

13. The number of stars is more than the number of sands in all the beaches in the world.


14. Women have twice as many nerve receptors as men; that's why they feel pain more intensely. However, their their endurance against pain is also stronger!


15. The metallic smell of coins actually comes from the body fats that get broken down when interacting with iron or copper.


16. Eskimos have fridges to keep their food from freezing.


17. Our blood completes one circle around our body in 22-23 seconds!


18. The reason why flamingos stand on one leg, especially in water, has nothing to do with resting their legs. They do this to merely keep their bodies warm, because that way, they lose less heat.

19. Sea otters hold hands to avoid drifting apart.

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