19 Photos Showing Our World Needs No Photoshop At All!


These photos are guaranteed to bury Photoshop deep into history.

1. Spring and autumn co-existing at the same time

2. You don't need special effects to make a frozen fence look more beautiful.


3. Looking at the sky far above... Times Square, New York

4. United Kingdom, with its extraordinary shorelines


Windmills that accompany the magical roads of Holland

5. You need two things to shoot this photo in Antarctic: hot water and a friend to pour the water in the air.

6. Georges Rousse relies only on his imagination to take this sort of photo.

7. The road that separates two different worlds... New York, USA

8. It only takes a trip to be a mountaineer on the peaks of Iceland.

9. A field inherited from grandparents, a good quality prefabricated house... Now you have a house just like the one on the photo!

10. Witness an explosion in a soap bubble! No photo-shop, just a good camera that can zoom.

11. The blood-moon dancing between the towers of Madrid

12. Fog falling on Sausalito, California with the night...

13. A cathedral wall in Madrid, Spain; a product of recycling.

14. A temple covered with ash after a volcanic eruption in Japan

15. Crows are believed to live 150 years. This one, who is breathing in a winter morning after the frost, is one of them.

16. 100th birthday of North Korea's founder

17. Zhangjiajie Mountain (China), which inspired James Cameron to shoot Avatar

18. A sunset view from monks' homes

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