19 Gifs Showing That It's A Hard Knock Life


You'll know that it's a hard knock life when...

1. When you think you are prepared well

2. When you think your plan's gonna work

3. When you are so close but yet so far

4. When you didn't put much thought in it

5. When you just let it go

6. When you think you dodged it

7. When it comes from the most trusted

8. When you are showing off

9. When you think you got it

10. When you are facing the wrong direction

11. When you are not appreciated

12. When you are fooled

13. When others are controlling your life

14. When you turn your paycheck into cash

15. When you miss the golden opportunities

16. When you are trying to charm your crush

17. When it's the wrong place at the wrong time

18. When you are not able to give f.cks anymore

19. When you just start to stand on your won feet

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