19 Countries With The Highest Standard of Living


The non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative just announced the countries with the highest quality of life. While Scandinavian nations are on the top of the list, other densely populated nations couldn’t score very high, which proved that gross domestic product per capita doesn’t always mean a high standard of living. 

The list has three indexes; 

-Basic human needs (medical care, shelter, etc.) 

-Foundations of wellbeing (education, access to technology, and life expectancy) 

-Opportunity (personal rights, freedom of choice and tolerance) 

Based on these, each country is given a score out of 100.

19. United States - 84.62

USA surprises some by its existence on the list and some others by being the last one on the list.  A big economy doesn’t always mean social equity after all.

18. France - 84.79

Even though France is on the list, the country scored poorly on tolerance and inclusion.

17. Spain - 85.88

Even though Spain has a good mindset of a social welfare system, the youth unemployment rate kept the country low on the list.

16. Belgium - 86.19

Being the capital of the European Union, this small country offers a good quality of life for its citizens.

15. Germany - 86.42

Germany might have scored lower than we expected; but we have to keep in mind that the country took in more than a million refugees over the past few months and it has the highest population compared to the other European countries.

14. Japan - 86.54

Japan managed to make big improvements on its social welfare in the last decade and increased its standard of living. Especially the women's entrance to the workforce was a very big move. Another good thing is that it receives just a small number of migrants.

13. Austria - 86.60

As one of Europe's capitals of culture, Austria has the 14th largest economy in the world.

12. Ireland - 87.94

The high living standards and giant investments from big tech companies signals a bright future for Ireland.

11. New Zealand - 88.45

New Zealand scores highly for opportunity. Low population = a bunch of jobs!

10. Iceland - 88.45

The country’s low population and high score on social progress makes it a beautiful place to live in!

9. United Kingdom - 88.58

Scoring almost 100% on education and medical care, UK is a pretty good country to live in!

8. Netherlands - 88.65

Netherlands is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Scoring almost 100% on personal freedom and choice, the country is in the top 10 of the list.

7. Norway - 88.70

Norway scores highly for nutrition and basic medical care and proves how good it is to live in a Scandinavian country.

6. Sweden - 88.80

Sweden is very big on nutrition and personal rights, which gives the country a great place on the list as another Scandinavian country.

5. Switzerland - 88.87

Even though Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, it scores very well in medical care, nutrition and access to knowledge.

4. Australia - 89.13

There is a solid reason why many people consider Australia as a great place to live. Education, job opportunities and strong sense of personal freedom is where the country scores highest.

3. Denmark - 89.39

Denmark has the best income equity rates in the world. Adding its high scores on the other indexes, the country hits the third place on the list.

2. Canada - 89.49

Being the second largest country in the world and having a population of only 35 million, Canada has the second highest standard of life. Medical care and education is where the country scores particularly high, which moved the country to the second place on the list.

1. Finland - 90.09

Finland proves that Scandinavian nations are really the ones we should be living in! The country scores high on almost every index! Finland is ideal for everyone, but only if you have a warm coat!

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