18 Photos That Will Make You Want To Delete Someone Else's Post


My. Eyes. Hurt.

1. Wonder what the aftermath was like...

2. “How is this even possible? Oh, I see now...”

3. How???

4. "Selfie!"

5. Fashion.

6. "Don't eat me."

7. “My phone’s camera shattered, and this is all it sees now.”

8. “A rock created bird-shaped window art on my car.”

9. “The ice pattern outside of my house looks like a wolf spirit.”

10. Drone photo.

11. A tree pattern.

12. “The siracha I put on my egg accidentally looks like someone hugging the sun.”

13. Florence, Italy.

14. A bit creepy. Just a bit.

15. “I found this smeared paint on the window of a vacant store that looks like a classical Chinese watercolor painting of a horse.”

16. Universe paint.

17. Through the glass panes of a greenhouse.

18. “The windows at the entrance of my apartment create a smiley face in the sunlight.”

19. Colony of moss growing inside a bike seat.

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