18 People Who Shared Their Way of Psychologically Tricking People


Is it really manipulation if your aim is not manipulating? Well, according to the Reddit users who shared their ways on this matter don't think so.

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1. Clever AF.

If someone won’t stop talking or let you get a word in, drop something (keys, pen). Reach down to pick them up and start talking. It’s a way to interrupt without the other person realizing it. — ashyman

2. Some people don't know when to stop:


If someone is bothering you at your desk too often, continue the conversation but get up and walk them back to their desk. Had a boss who was a guru at this. You’d be back at your desk wondering how the fuck you got there. — arjitdas

3. Evil himself wrote that:

Kind of a cruel one here: bet a friend/family member that they can’t taste the difference between whole/2%/1%/skim milk, or some combination thereof.
Blindfold them and have them begin tasting the milks. Now, replace the last milk with orange juice. The brain prepares the body for milk, and the unexpected acidity usually causes a gag reflex, and sometimes vomiting. Keep a bucket handy. — ashyman

4. Hmmm...

When a group of people laugh, everyone looks at the person they like the most. — DesertClash

5. This is really really bad:

If somebody is angry at you and you stay calm, they’ll probably get angrier, but they’ll be ashamed at themselves later. — ashyman

6. This one's got it:

Before interviews, arrive early and spend 20 minutes talking to strangers outside the building. It fools the brain into thinking the environment is familiar and will increase your confidence. — PoopInMyBottom

7. How to not cause a complication during a complication:


Due to the bystander effect, if you need someone in a crowd to call 911, don’t yell “Someone call 911!” Specify a person and a characteristic “You in the red jacket! Call 911!” — chilledmyspine

8. Is this how moms find things?


If you’re trying to find something, try looking right to left as opposed to left to right. Your eyes tend to skim over things if you search in the direction you are used to reading in, so skim the opposite way. It takes me a bit more effort to do this, but I notice more details. — ad4u123

9. And suddenly it turns into a musical:


If you start singing or humming a well-known song very quietly, you can often get other people in the room to start singing it without knowing why. The trick is to sing softly enough so that it is only audible at the very edge of their hearing. — arjitdas

10. It's like sudoku:


Try to memorize your surroundings. Look around, then close your eyes and try to imagine what you saw, open them and see how little you remembered and how much you got wrong. It’ll strengthen memory and ability to visualize. — arjitdas

11. How to hack co-workers 101:


If you think that someone is going to talk badly about you in a professional setting, sit next to that person. It is much harder to speak poorly of someone who’s in close proximity to you, so they’ll probably take it easy. — ashyman

12. Or maybe they actually did nothing wrong:


When you’re cringing with humiliation at something you did years ago, stop and think of one of the people who saw it: can you think of something humiliating that happened to them? Probably not. Well, nobody remembers your moment, either. — chilledmyspine

13. It makes so much sense!


People will associate the adjectives you use to describe other people with your personality. — chilledmyspine

14. Mindtricking like a pro:


If you think someone is watching you, look at your watch or where your watch would be. If they are watching you they will usually look at their wrist/watch. — ashyman

15. How do people think about that!


If you want someone to believe your lie, add an embarrassing detail about yourself. For example: Instead of saying, “No I wasn’t at Jimson James’ house. I was with Randy the whole time.” Try saying, “No I haven’t been to Jimsons’ in a while. I clogged his toilet so I don’t think his parents want me over there for a while… so me and Randy hung out.” — arjitdas

16. Kill them with kindness:


If someone is trying to make you look foolish in front of others, be exceptionally polite to them. This will either make them stop or look foolish themselves. — 1eyedgopher

17. You can also trick yourself:


When you’re at the gym counting your reps down (10, 9, 8) instead of up (1, 2, 3) it will make it easier for you to finish the set. — arjitdas

18. People who do this should be in jail:


Trick people into being romantically interested in you by doing heart-racing activities.

Obviously, you need to have some sort of commonality that you can build off of, but if you want someone to see you differently (cough if you’re stuck in the friend zone cough) good ideas of activities to do are: working out together, watching horror movies, going on rollercoaster rides, etc.

Because their heart is racing, it is easy for their brain to misattribute increased heart rate from these activities as increased heart rate due to YOU and your proximity to them.

It’s a simple psychological trick that is used in couple’s therapy all the time, and it can help bond two people closer together, even if you’re already romantically interested.

As we all know, emotional response and physiological response is extremely closely related. — RoboticBody

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