17 Ways To Find Out If Your Crush Is Into You

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You like him, but you're getting complicated signals? Here are 17 things you should give your attention to:

1. If he’s into you, he will say that he is looking for something serious and special when the topic is on relationships.

2. He will tell you how loyal he is and how he can’t focus on anything else when he’s in love…

3. He will value your opinions and ask what you think or feel…

4. He will try to be open and honest about his life since he will be considering a relationship with you. He also won’t be afraid to show his weaknesses.

5. He will try to change the topic when it comes to his exes because he is thinking of the possibility of being with you…

6. His friends will know more things about you than you would think.

7. And usually, they will make up excuses like “We need to do blah blah” to leave you alone.

8. He sometimes will ask questions like “There’s a concert coming up, should we go?” , “There’s a new movie, do you want to go?” just to see your response.

9. When he meets your close friends, he will act kind and try to make them like him…

10. He will never get distracted when you talk or get bored then look around.

11. He will never leave any place you're in before you leave…

12. He will always check if you’re content and make all efforts to make you happy..

13. He will text you about the things he knows that you’re interested in, asking you how you’re doing whenever possible.

14. Keeping eye contact for a long time will stress him out and he'll turn his eyes away…

15. He will never hesitate to apologize when he realizes he did something wrong…

16. Sometimes you'll catch him staring at you…

17. And see the same sparkle in his eyes every time.

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